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Graduate Program Oncology and Translational Immunology (SOTI)


The graduate program SOTI (School of Oncology and Translational Immunology) offers a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, theoretical and practical training in a wide range of oncological topics under the guidance of leading scientists including qualified mentoring and quality concepts. The program is directed to students, PhD students and postdocs of Human Medicine, Dentistry, Molecular Medicine, Biology, Biochemistry, Experimental Medicine as well as for students of Medical Engineering and Medical Radiotherapy.

The program provides an advanced and comprehensive curriculum of current topics in oncology, which is complemented by different journal clubs, soft skill courses, seminars and practical courses.

Supervision Concept

All PhD theses will supervised by a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) which is composed of a doctoral thesis supervisor and in minimum of one Co-mentor. The yearly meetings of the TAC include quality assurance by regular reports and mentoring.


Participants who fulfill the requirements of the program will receive a certificate and a diploma supplement for their activities after finishing their doctoral studies.

Training courses

Advanced Molecular Oncology 

Wednesday during winter term

Responsible: Prof. Schulze-Osthoff


This lecture series (10 hours; 2 hrs/week) provides a comprehensive overview of the hallmarks of tumorigenesis, metabolic alterations in tumors, tumor epigenetics, normal and cancer stem cells; molecular target and immunotherapies as well as drug development and clinical trials.


Lab Training Courses Oncology

On agreement

Responsible: Prof. Schulze-Osthoff


Short-term practical courses of 2 days of duration will be offered in relevant techniques of cancer research. The courses will include practical and theoretical training in topics such as confocal microscopy, imaging techniques, flow cytometry, gene transfer techniques, cell death assays or RNA interference technologies.


In case you have interest in other courses, please contact the speakers.



Klaus Schulze-Osthoff, Prof. Dr.
Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry
Dept. of Molecular Medicine
Hoppe-Seyler-Str. 4, 72076 Tübingen




Lars Zender, Prof. Dr.
Division of Translational Gastrointestinal Oncology
Dept. of Internal Medicine I
Otfried-Mueller-Str. 10, 72076 Tübingen




Letzte Änderung: 04.12.2015


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