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Welcome to the University Hospital Tübingen!
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Centre for Ophthalmology

The Centre for Ophthalmology of the University Hospital Tübingen is the largest and one of the most important centres for ophthalmology in Germany and pioneers in research and clinical work. It is heavily involved in many current developments in the field of ophthalmology. The Centre for Ophthalmology consists of the University Eye Hospital and the Institute for Ophthalmic Research. The hospital building was erected in the year 1909 is located close to Tübingen's old town centre, offering a fantastic view of the town and the Hohentübingen Castle.

Organigramm chart (pdf ca. 43 KB)


University Eye Hospital

The University Eye Hospital covers and treats a wide spectrum of ophthalmological diseases including trauma. It possesses a leading position in health care and research.


Prof. Dr. Karl Ulrich Bartz-Schmidt

Schleichstr. 12

72076 Tübingen (Germany)

(Link zu )To the University Eye Hospital
Institute for Ophthalmic Research

The Institute for Ophthalmic Research, founded in 2007, concentrates on degenerative, inflammatory, neoplastic, and vascular diseases of the eye and the visual pathways at a molecular, cellular and systemic level.


Prof. Dr. Marius Ueffing

Röntgenweg 11

72076 Tübingen (Germany)

(Link zu )To the Insitute for Ophthalmic Research


Cooperation with the Centre for Rare Diseases ("Zentrum für seltene Erkrankungen - ZSE")

The Centre for Ophthalmology collaborates with the Centre for Rare Diseases ("ZSE") in many projects to optimise therapy for rare ophthalmological diseases.

To the Centre for Rare Diseases


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More information about the Department of Ophthalmology can be found on the German website (DE).


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Centre for Ophthalmology
Schleichstraße 12
72076 Tübingen
Information / Emergency Call
Tel. +49 7071 29-8 37 21
Fax +49 7071 29-37 30

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