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Welcome to the portal for our colleagues and partners in medicine
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Healthcare research

Primary care is characterised by both acute care and continuity of care for patients with chronic illnesses. Patients with multiple pathology (multi-morbidity) often coupled with their prescriptions of numerous medications (polypharmacy) pose increasing challenges for the provision of primary care. In addition to the implementation of structured treatment programmes for patients with chronic illnesses, individual decision-making processes based on a risk-benefit assessment (patient safety, drug interaction) play an important role. The complex interrelationships of acute and chronical illnesses in primary care and their impact on diagnosis and therapy are the focal point of primary care research.

Projects (futher information only in German)


Prescription of benzodiazepines and Z-Drugs in German general practitioners’ practices – a cross-sectional study.

Video education on vaccination management
In this pilot study we developed educational videos specifically for medical-assistants (mfa) about the vaccination process.


Pescription of contraceptives
Evaluation of the prescription of contraceptives through German general practitioners.

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