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Division of Neuropathology


Area of responsibility

The Division of Neuropathology deals with the pathological changes of the brain, spinal cord, the peripheral nervous system and skeletal muscles.


The division conducts neuropathological diagnosis for patients from the UKT and external hospitals.


Morphological and molecular genetic studies

The focus of clinical neuropathology is the morphological and increasingly the molecular genetic analysis and assessment of surgically obtained tissue samples from these organs, for example, tumors of the brain. The neuropathological diagnosis here has a decisive influence on the subsequent treatment of the patient. For example, the neuropathological assessment determines whether or not a brain tumor must be irradiated or whether a treatment by chemotherapy or immunotherapy is required.

Diagnosis for diseases of the nervous system and skeletal muscles

Also in other diseases of the nervous system and skeletal muscles, such as inflammatory diseases, neuropathological studies play an important role in the daily diagnosis of patients.


Conducting autopsy examination of the brain

Another aspect of clinical neuropathology is the autopsy of the brain and spinal cord to examine neuropathological causes of death.



The research activities in the division deal with the study of diseases of the nervous system, such as the processes in neurodegenerative diseases and the development of new testing methods for brain tumors and immunopathology.


Head of Division


Prof. Dr. Manuela Neumann

Medical Director of the Division of Neuropathology


Office (Petra Stauder)

Tel. +49 7071 29-82283
Fax +49 7071 29-4846



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Division of Neuropathology
Calwerstraße 3
72076 Tübingen
Mrs. Stauder
Tel. +49 7071 29-82283
Fax +49 7071 29-4846

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