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Occupational areas

Graduates of the "Molecular Medicine" bachelor´s program may find employment in the following occupational areas:

  • medical research
  • laboratory diagnostics
  • medical biotechnology
Range of activities

Examples of potential areas of activity:

  • scientific research (e.g., at universities, Max-Planck institutes, or other large research institutions)
  • industry (e.g., biomedical engineering, production and quality control)
  • basic research and development, publishing, marketing, administration)
  • private laboratories (e.g., molecular diagnostics and analysis, environmental protection)
  • hospitals (e.g., molecular and biochemical diagnostics, clinical research)
  • government agencies (e.g., state offices for criminal investigation, state and federal health departments, commercial regulatory authorities, environmental protection, medical associations)
  • other institutions (e.g., ministries, research funding agencies, technology transfer institutions)
A Master´s degree as an alternative option

As an alternative to starting a career, you have the opportunity to pursue a one-year master´s program in Molecular Medicine. The focus of this program is on sound scientific training (possibly leading to a PhD) and a specialization in two focus areas. Particularly promising bachelor graduates have the opportunity to start working towards earning a doctorate immediately following the 4-year bachelor´s degree. The "regular" route includes a 1-year master´s degree followed by another 2-3 years of doctoral studies. More information about the master´s program.

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