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Staff Members

For telephone calls from outside the university, you need to preselect 29. Area code Tübingen: 07071.

Point onto a staff member name with the mouse to show a short description and a picture. Click on the name to visit the homepage of the staff member.
Staff Member Head:   Telephone Telephone: Contact e-mail:
Schick, Fritz Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. (29) 80543

Secretariat:   Telephone: e-mail:
Singer, Michaela   (29) 80543

Staff Member:   Telephone: e-mail:
Eibofner, Frank Dipl. Phys., Ph.D. Student (29) 80495
Graf, Hansjörg Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. Phys. (29) 87718
Grosse, Ulrich* Dr. med. (29) 87376
Grözinger, Gerd* Dr. med. (29) 87376
Machann, Jürgen PD Dr. sc. hum., Dipl.-Phys. (29) 87752
Martirosian, Petros Dr. sc. hum., Dipl.-Phys. (29) 87751
Rempp, Hansjörg* Dr. med. (29) 80495
Schabel, Christoph** Dr. med. (29) 87376
Schäfer, Susanne** MTRA (29) 85637
Schraml, Christina* Dr. med. (29) 87719
Schwenzer, Nina* Dr. med. (29) 87720
Springer, Fabian* Dr. med. (29) 87751
Schwarz, Phil Bundesfreiwilliger (29) 87376
Steidle, Günter Dr. rer. nat., Dipl.-Phys. (29) 87752
Syha, Roland* Dr. med. (29) 86886
Waneck, Karin MTA-R (29) 87719
Will, Susanne Master of Engineering/Doktorandin (29) 87376
Würslin, Christian Dipl.Ing./Ph.D. Student (29) 80495

* Clinical employees of the department for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology.
** Employees of 3 tesla center.

CSV file for the faculty of mathematics and physics:

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