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Bachelor Course of Studies in Molecular Medicine


The Accreditation Council (Foundation for the Accreditation of Study Programmes in Germany) has unconditionally approved the Bachelor course of studies in Molecular Medicine.


Accreditation certificate (pdf 15 KB, German language)


The BACHELOR PLUS Program Molecular Medicine was supported by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.

Field of Study

Tübingen's program in Molecular Medicine is an excellent choice for students seeking a solid academic training in the natural sciences and in medical topics. It offers an alternative to the more traditional study of medicine, which concentrates on preparing the students for a career in clinical practice. Research, particularly in the fields of molecular biology and cell biology, has had an enormous impact on the field of healthcare and it will remain indispensable for future improvements in diagnostics and therapy.


The study of Molecular Medicine familiarizes students with the latest research findings in Molecular Medicine and with a broad spectrum of other cutting-edge topics. At the same time, it offers comprehensive practical training in the methods and techniques employed in the field of molecular biology.


The basic requirement for a successful degree is, in general, a great interest in scientific contexts and high motivation. Basic knowledge in chemistry, biology and mathematics, notably at the beginning of the courses, facilitate successful progress. First year students must be proficient in written and spoken German language and must be able to express rationales clearly.

Course language

Courses are held in German (95 %) or English (5 %).

Participants can choose to write their Bachelor's Thesis in English or German.


Since English has become the international technical terminology and since a large amount of the literature is published in English only, good knowledge of the English language is additionally necessary.


Our curriculum complies with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to ensure compatibility with other international programs. The bachelor's program lasts four academic years (eight semesters) and encompasses a total of 240 ECTS credit points.

Flexibility Window - Study Abroad

In semesters 5 and 6 the curriculum comprises an obligatory stay abroad. This year offers the students the chance for intercultural communication. It also provides them with room to broaden their knowledge of the subject and with the opportunity for interdisciplinary qualifications, studies of cutting-edge topics and studies outside the subject area. The stay abroad can be used for studies at a foreign university, an internship or a combination of both.

Study details

The single modules of the course cover a wide thematic and methodical range. Within the first two semesters, the students will gain fundamental scientific knowledge in the subjects of chemistry, medical physics, physical chemistry, mathematics and molecular biology. Based on that knowledge, microbiology, cell biology, virology and immunology will form the main focus from the 3rd semester onwards. Progressive medical subjects will be taught in semesters 7 and 8, including for example hematology, neurobiology and pharmacology. Furthermore, students can choose from a catalog of electives to deepen their knowledge in selected areas of specialization. A total of 4 elective modules must be taken. In semesters 5 and 6 the curriculum requires a one-year stay abroad. The stay abroad can be used for studies, an internship or a combination of both.


Most modules comprise both a theoretical (lecture and seminar) and practical (laboratory training) course. In the first two years (semesters 1 - 4) the modules are mandatory but in the final year (semesters 7 - 8) there is also a choice of optional modules (Electives).


Students are supervised by excellent scientists, and the most up-to-date laboratory equipment is available for their practical training. Teaching staff are on site to advise and support students over the entire duration of the course of study, and a team of mentors accompanies the students through each semester.


The Bachelor of Science program in Molecular Medicine lasts four academic years (8 semesters) and culminates in the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree.


 35 places are available per year and will be awarded according to the applicant's qualifications and experience. The program always starts in the winter term and the application deadline is 15th July.


Application and admission takes place via the central administration office of the university. Please click on this link for further information.


Application and Admission of International Students:



Foreign certificates should be recognised by the competent public authority as comparable. Students whose first language is not German should provide a certificate of proficiency in the German language (DSH, or Test DaF, respectively).


Advising of International Students:



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Application deadline: 15th July


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