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Kompetenz mit Herz für die Gesundheit unserer Kinder

PD Dr. Dipl. Psych. Karen Lidzba


Neuroplasticity – Karen Lidzba worked and still works in various research projects (e.g. CRC 550: "Recognizin, Localizing, Acting"; CRC 833: "The Emergence of Meaning"; Margarete-von-Wrangell-Programme). She examines the correlation between early brain lesions, the cortical representation of language and visuospatial skills, and the individual performance in these functions. She employs neuropsychological methods and functional MRI, and she profits from interdisciplinary cooperations with linguists, physicians, and neuroscientists.

ADHD – The basis of both the understanding and a successful treatment of attention deficits is a thorough diagnostic process. In this process, the use of standardized behavior rating scales is indispensable. In cooperation with the HUBER-Verlag Bern, Karen Lidzba is in charge of the international Multicenter Project for the German adaptation and standardization of the Conners Rating Scales (3rd Edition).

Preterm Birth – Preterm birth is still a risk factor for the cognitive development of the child. For this reason, preterm-born children are enrolled in a medical and psychological follow-up for some years after birth. Several neuropsychological questions are examined in this area.

Karen Lidzba offers theses for students in psychology, as well as doctoral theses for medical students.