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Marko Wilke, MD, PhD

Marko Wilke, MD, PhD, studied medicine at Marburg university and then did his internship in the department of pediatric neurology in Göttingen with Prof. Hanefeld. He then moved to Munich to work in the MR group of Dr. Auer at the Max Planck institute of Psychiatry. This was followed by a two-year research stay at the Imaging Research Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, OH, with Prof. Holland. Since 2003, he is a clinical and research fellow in the department of pediatric neurology and developmental medicine at Tübingen University Children's Hospital with Prof. Krägeloh-Mann. He became a board certified pediatrician in 2009 and since December, 2009, he is the head of the "Experimental Pediatric Neuroimaging" unit. His research interests are in the field of neural plasticity and normal/abnormal brain development. Methodologically, he is interested in functional MRI and voxel-based morphometry as well as in methodological refinements of pediatric image data processing.