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Hertie Institute for AI in Brain Health

Address: Ottfried-Müller-Straße 25
72076 Tübingen

Hertie Institute for AI in Brain Health

About us

Hertie AI builds on the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to better understand the healthy and diseased nervous system and to develop new methods to help detect its diseases earlier, predict disease progression and treat diseases in a more targeted manner. To this end, large multimodal data sets are used - such datasets have become available in recent years both in basic research and from everyday clinical practice. To fully exploit its potential, the institute leads methodological innovations that meet the special requirements placed on clinical AI methods - in terms of their accuracy, robustness and interpretability. In close collaboration with clinical partners in neurology and ophthalmology, Hertie AI will test the developed methods in clinical use.

At the Tübingen site, Hertie AI is embedded in a unique network of research initiatives in neuroscience and artificial intelligence. We will work closely with CyberValley, the largest research network in artificial intelligence in Europe, the Tübingen AI Center, one of Germany's AI competence centers, and the Excellence Cluster "Machine Learning - New Perspectives for Science".