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The University Hospital

Quality concept

Continuous improvement and high-quality service provision in the areas of health care, research and teaching characterise the quality concept at the University Hospital Tübingen. Impulses from the workforce, results from quality assurance measures and comparisons with others form the basis on which improvements are initiated. Knowledge and skills are exchanged and further developed in interdisciplinary, multi-professional teams and networks. For this purpose, methods and instruments from quality management are used professionally. This creates a lively culture of learning and togetherness.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Holderried

Geschäftsführer Zentralbereich Medizin: Struktur-, Prozess- und Qualitätsmanagement
Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: +49 7071 29-87341

E-mail address: zentralbereich.medizin@med.uni-tuebingen.de

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: Hoppe-Seyler-Straße 6, 72076 Tübingen

Klaus Hemmen


frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: +49 7071 29-82096

E-mail address: klaus.hemmen@med.uni-tuebingen.de

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: Hoppe-Seyler-Straße 6, 72076 Tübingen


Structured quality report

In the quality report of the clinic, our patients and referring physicians can inform themselves about medical services, main areas of care and services as well as quality management. The report also contains contact persons and contact addresses.


Maximum care houses require a full-time hospital hygienist. The hospital hygienist's task is to record and analyse any nosocomial (i.e. hospital-acquired) infections in cooperation with the hygiene specialists and the physicians in charge of hygiene in the clinic, to develop preventive measures, to translate them into practicable rules and to monitor their observance. He coordinates proactive measures to prevent and control antibiotic-resistant infectious agents in the clinic. As communication partner of the Public Health Service, he is in charge of the interface to the supervisory authorities and is also a member of the Hygiene Commission according to the Hospital Hygiene Ordinance Baden-Württemberg.

Dr. Jan Liese

Hospital hygienist

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: +49 7071 29-82026

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: +49 7071 29-5405

E-mail address: jan.liese@med.uni-tuebingen.de

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: Elfriede-Aulhorn-Straße 6,
72076 Tübingen

Transplantation and organ donation

Dealing with relatives in order to possibly bring about a decision on organ donation is a highly sensitive task that requires a lot of empathy and sensitivity and is therefore performed by specially trained doctors. In order to guarantee the legal obligations as well as the claim of the University Hospital as a supraregional transplant centre, a Senior Transplantation Officer has been appointed by the Board of Directors of the Hospital, who is supported by other transplantation officers in the relevant clinical areas.

The task of transplantation officers is to sensitize medical and nursing staff, patients and relatives as well as the public to the importance and urgent necessity of organ donation and to define and continuously optimize internal procedures for organ donation.

Dr. Manfred Beck

Senior Transplantation Officer

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: +49 7071 29-80322

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: +49 7071 29-5439

E-mail address: manfred.beck@med.uni-tuebingen.de

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: Hoppe-Seyler-Straße 6, 72076 Tübingen                                                        

Medical Device Safety

As the central office within the University Hospital, the Medical Device Safety Officer acts as a contact person for authorities, manufacturers and distributors in connection with reports on the risks of medical devices and the implementation of necessary corrective measures. He also coordinates internal processes for fulfilling the reporting and cooperation obligations of users and operators of medical devices at the hospital.

Frank Stegmaier, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Beauftragter für Medizinproduktesicherheit nach §6 MPBetreibV

E-mail address: Medizinprodukte.Sicherheit@med.uni-tuebingen.de

Reprocessing unit for medical devices

The reprocessing unit for medical devices is a certified facility according to DIN EN ISO 13485 (including Critical C medical devices) and is responsible for the reprocessing of non-active medical devices.

Staff unit reprocessing unit for medical devices

frontend.sr-only_#{element.contextual_1.children.icon}: +49 7071 29-81082

E-mail address: aemp@med.uni-tuebingen.de

More about the staff unit

Certificates and Associations

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