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Treatment costs and optional services

DRG / PEPP flat rate per case system

According to the statutory templates, general hospital services are generally billed using diagnosis-related flat rates (Diagnosis Relatet Groups - DRG). In accordance with the DRG system, treatment costs are calculated according to the individual circumstances of the case. In the areas of psychiatry and psychosomatics, billing is predominantly based on flat-rate charges assessed using valuation ratios (flat-rate remuneration system for psychiatry and psychosomatics - PEPP).

Co-payment by patients with statutory health insurance

The University Hospital collects a co-payment from patients with statutory health insurance from the start of full inpatient hospital treatment - for a maximum of 28 days within a calendar year. The co-payment is currently 10 euros per calendar day. This amount is paid by the University Hospital to the corresponding member health insurance fund.

Elective services Chefarztvertrag and comfort room

Additional benefits and optional services

While general hospital services such as accommodation, meals or medical care via the doctor on duty ensure medically appropriate and sufficient care for every patient in hospital, optional services go beyond the necessary care. These include optional services of medical and medical care (chief physician contract) or accommodation in a comfort ward or in a comfort room.

Optional services can be used by privately insured persons, self-payers as well as persons with statutory health insurance. Please clarify with your health insurance company in good time before concluding a contract to what extent you are insured for the additional services. Legally binding information on clinic costs and tariff issues is provided exclusively by the administration of the University Hospital.

Contractual general conditions

Please inform yourself about the general terms and conditions of the University Hospital Tübingen.

Contractual general conditions


If you have any queries about treatment costs or your statement, please contact the patient administration.

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