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More equipment in the comfort room

Feel comfortable with us!

During your stay in hospital, a calm and pleasant atmosphere can have a beneficial effect on your recovery process. In many of our clinics you can book accommodation in one of our comfort rooms as an optional service. The single and double rooms are equipped to a high standard in accordance with hotel standards, which will make your stay in the clinic as pleasant as possible.

These extra services are exclusive for you:


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+49 7071 29-80033

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Price overview

Our service team is there for you

We, the service team, have made it our business to make your inpatient stay at the University Hospital Tübingen as comfortable and pleasant as possible through our professional service. We are your personal contact for all questions concerning the optional services.

  • Additional change of bed linen on request
  • Daily individual menu order in your room
  • Reception on arrival and assistance on departure
  • Taking over of errands
Talk to us at any time
, we want you to feel comfortable!

Personally present for you on ward from 7:00 to 19:00

In addition, our service hotline of the respective clinic is at your disposal - we are also happy to receive your wishes and suggestions by telephone.

Entertainment for elective patients

You will receive a free program of entertainment from us:

  • Selected Sky TV channels
  • Free Internet (WLAN)*
  • Voucher for magazines
  • Regional daily newspaper from Monday to Saturday
  • Psychosomatics: additional therapies and gym access on request from the doctor

(*Restrictions in psychiatry and psychosomatics)

Equipment in the comfort rooms

In our elective service rooms you can expect an appealing comfort in a pleasant atmosphere.

All rooms are equipped with

  • Refrigerator for storing food and beverages
  • personal safe for the storage of your valuables
  • personal iPad at your bed as well as a flat screen TV in selected rooms
  • DVD and CD players on request*

More extras:

  • various care products
  • Hairdryer, Cosmetic mirror
  • Slippers for children
  • Towels
  • Bathrobe

(*exception: psychiatry and psychosomatics)

Comfort room in the eye clinic
Wet room in the comfort room of the eye clinic
Comfort room in the neurosurgery

Additional comfort

The lounge on the comfort stations invites you and your visitors to enjoy a pleasant stay with a cup of tea or coffee and other soft drinks. In addition, we offer an outdoor area in the neurosurgery with a wonderful view. In the comfort ward of the gynaecological clinic you have your own balcony and in the nuclear medicine department a library where you can relax and read a book.

Catering for comfort patients

Our meals are prepared for you with high-quality and regional ingredients. Our service staff are personally available to you
every day in order to create an individual menu order with you.

You will find a selection of food and beverages that you can put together individually* in the menus and under Food & Drinks for Comfort Patients. In the menus you will also find information on additives and allergens.

You can put together your own individual breakfast from a variety of products.

  • At lunch you can choose from several menus, soups and desserts. They are prepared with high-quality and regional ingredients.
  • In the afternoon we offer cakes or pastries to accompany the various coffee specialities and teas.
  • For the small appetite in between we offer a selection of snacks, juices and fresh fruit on request.

Also at dinner we attach great importance to variety, freshness and enjoyment.

*In medically induced exceptional cases, deviations in the choice of food may occur. Please also understand that in some clinics we offer a different service, for example in the children's clinic, child and adolescent psychiatry and in psychiatry we have different food offers or concepts.

Timetable to the comfort room

When making an appointment with the clinic, please indicate whether you wish to occupy an optional room (single or double room). We can then plan your request in good time.

The necessary documents will be sent to you in advance by e-mail or by post on request, so that you have sufficient time to read all the information before your stay at the clinic.

Please inform your insurance company about your elective service entitlement so that you can clarify with your insurance company before your stay in hospital whether you will be reimbursed for the elective service accommodation. As a statutory insured you also have the option of booking a room with optional services as a personal contribution.

With your admission you receive our optional service offer. Please understand that your request for an optional room is not always possible due to the current occupancy rate. You will receive a final confirmation on site at the ward. If a room is available as desired, the contract documents can be signed.

After moving into your room the service staff will take care of your wishes.

Price overview comfort concept

Election service accommodation

You can choose between single and double rooms on selected wards or within an entire comfort ward.

Room with optional service on comfort ward
(Eye clinic, gynaecological clinic, dermatological clinic, neurosurgery, nuclear medicine, psychiatry)

Single room equipped with comfort services (e.g. safe, refrigerator, hair dryer) and located in a separate area where all rooms are equipped with these services.

Costs: 174,00 €

(valid since January 2021)

Double room equipped with comfort services (e.g. safe, refrigerator, hair dryer) and located in a separate area where all rooms are equipped with these services.

Costs: 86,00 €

(valid since January 2021)

Room with dialling service on normal ward
(General, Visceral and Transplant Surgery (AVT), Eye Clinic, Gynaecological Clinic, Otolaryngology (ENT), Internal Medicine, Pediatric Surgery, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Psychosomatics, Radiooncology, Thoracic, Cardiovascular Surgery (THG), Urology)

Single room equipped with comfort services (e.g. safe, refrigerator, hair dryer) and located on a normal ward (bedded rooms).

Costs: 155,00 €

(valid since January 2021)

Double room equipped with comfort services (e.g. safe, refrigerator, hair dryer) and located on a normal ward (interspersed rooms)

Costs: 75,00 €

(valid since January 2021)

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