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The University Hospital Tübingen is a leading centre of German university medicine. With 9,000 employees in our clinics, institutes and centres, we are the largest employer in the region and ensure that patients receive the highest level of medical care. With around 800 trainees in over ten different careers, the University Hospital of Tübingen is also the region's largest trainer. We represent a university rich in tradition and offer excellent conditions for research and teaching. The clinic is a member of the network "Success Factor Family".

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Patients are not only the focus of daily work for medical and nursing staff. At the clinic, a wide variety of professional groups take care of well-being and recovery. There's a lot to do: For the health of our patients we are always looking for reinforcement in our team.

Open positions in our subsidiaries

You can also find out about current vacancies on the homepages of our subsidiaries.

Application and entry

Application and your entry

As the largest employer in the region, the University Hospital Tübingen offers interesting tasks and activities for numerous occupational groups. Discover your opportunities at the University Hospital and find out here about your career opportunities.

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FAQ - Application & Entry

Convince us that you are the right person for us! Your letter of application works like your business card and leaves the first impression. You should give us a clear picture of your qualifications, interests and personality.

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Unsolicited application

You have not found an advertised position for your professional group, but would like to work with us?

You can also send us a speculative application. Read here how to do this.

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Introduction of new employees

In order to ensure a successful start in your new working environment, there are regular introduction days for all new employees and trainees. There are further job-specific introductory events and area-specific induction programs.

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Your career paths


University Hospital is the largest trainer in the region. You can find information on all apprenticeships in over ten different professions here.

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academy for
Education and

A comprehensive range of training, further training and continuing education courses tailored to the needs of the hospital.

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Academic career

All information on doctorates, habilitations and appointment procedures as well as on applications for extraordinary professorships and honorary professorships.

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Centre for Medical Didactics

Every lecture and lecture has the chance to be inspiring. How? This is a question of academic didactic craft.

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Hospital and Medical Faculty as employer

As the largest employer in the region, we not only have a great responsibility for our patients, but also for our employees. They are the heart of our success. That is why we support you not only in your work at the clinic, but also in planning and shaping your life.

Work-life balance

We do not want you to fear for your balance. We do a lot to ensure that our employees can combine work and family life, working hours and private time in a healthy way.

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Equal opportunities and respectful treatment

We employ people with different professions, different nationalities and religions, with individual biographies and life plans, healthy or with health restrictions.

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Life in Tübingen

Short overview and important information about the city with the lowest average age in Germany. The average citizen here is barely 40 years old.

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Why it is worthwhile to work for us

Work-life balance

We support you in the compatibility of work and family.

Pension provision

For your protection at that age we ride off with a powerful partner, the VBL.

Collective agreement

Our collective agreements regulate and secure your working environment.

Health care

We promote their health with the services offered by UKfiT and the company medical service.

Staff Accommodation

With our staff accommodation we help you with your start in Tübingen.

Job ticket

With our season ticket for the use of public transport, you can get to your workplace at a reduced price.

Further training

A wide range of further education and training opportunities for your individual needs.

your ideas

We listen to and reward constructive ideas.

Certificates and Associations