at the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine

Work-life balance

Keeping career and family compatible for our employees is a challenge in a 24-hour operation, 365 days a year. Of course, we want to face it. The University Hospital of Tübingen is a member of the Family Success Factor Network. Through family-friendly structures, we want to offer attractive working and training conditions in the future as well. We have set ourselves ambitious goals for this.

More than 500 different working time models, combined with a wide range of working hours, enable our employees to achieve a high degree of flexibility and compensation.

What we want to achieve

  • Employees with family responsibilities should stay at the clinic.
  • Enabling and facilitating your return.
  • Attract new employees with family responsibilities.

Modern working time management enables us to react quickly and transparently to family-related time requirements.

Working hours and time for private purposes

Parents with children on a bike tour

Part-time and special leave

Our collective agreements offer the possibility of reducing working hours for a limited period or of taking special leave to cope with family responsibilities.

Young woman takes care of old woman in wheelchair

Care of relatives

We work with you to find suitable solutions using part-time models and leave options. We support you in your search for suitable advice for these situations.

Food counter in the personnel casino

Catering for the family

You don't want to spend your evening every day cooking at home? No problem, in two staff casinos you can choose from several, daily changing menus. Your children and your partner are very welcome.

Reconciling work and family life

Kita at the University Hospital Tübingen

Childcare Kita

Your children will be cared for with great pedagogical competence in our clinic's own day care centre.

Child on slide

Municipal facilities

We cooperate with the municipal day care facilities and support you in your search for a childcare place near your residential area.

Children lie in the meadow

Holiday childcare

We inform you regularly about the different offers and support you in your search for a suitable holiday care for your little ones.

Health is our mission

The employees are the most important capital of a company and the clinic takes its responsibility seriously. The varied activities at the clinic are also associated with physical strain. Prevention and early recognition of health risks are important to us, so that health restrictions do not arise in the first place.

Sport for health

Center for Physiotherapy

Therapy programme and wellness treatments to balance the stress of everyday life with relaxation.

Back training

A healthy back is not a matter of course.

equipment training


Fitness or equipment training with a unique view over the city.

yoga group

Yoga and Feldenkrais

Hatha-Yoga is a precise and thorough work on the body. Awakening mobility with the Feldenkrais Method.

Healthy working environment

Occupational safety and environmental management

The department supports and advises us in all questions of occupational health and safety and accident prevention. Regular workplace inspections identify and eliminate health hazards at an early stage.

Company and staff medical service

The company and personnel medical service is responsible for the occupational health care of the employees. This includes regular examinations, workplace inspections, individual consultations as well as the implementation of vaccinations.

Stress prevention

In a seminar series "Strengthening resources! Team-oriented leadership in the hospital" gives our managers the opportunity to reflect on suggestions for their own handling of pressure situations, to expand employee-oriented leadership competence and to learn about new approaches for strengthening the resource "team" in a practice-oriented way.


A positive working atmosphere and a constructive culture of conflict, characterised by mutual respect and fair dealings, are essential prerequisites for smooth work and also for the health and motivation of our employees. We offer our employees systematic help in conflict resolution via a conflict management system with consulting and mediation discussions.

Certificates and Associations