at the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine

Equal opportunities and respectful treatment

At the University Hospital, people with different professions, different nationalities and religions work with individual biographies and life plans, healthy or with limited health. Employees of all ages are valuable to us. We value the vitality and spontaneity of young people as well as the experience and resulting calmness of older employees. Bringing these characteristics together is the energy that brings us forward! We want to retain our experienced specialists and employees, but also attract new employees with new ideas. Equal opportunities are an absolute must for us when hiring new employees.

For us, equal opportunities means

For us, equal opportunities means

Different people


Acceptance of difference and individuality

Everyone pulling together


Appreciation and development opportunities for all, regardless of ethnic or social origin, gender or social affiliation.

Different people shake hands


A fair and non-discriminatory working environment is of particular concern to us.

Support for equal opportunities

Support for equal opportunities

  • Responsible for the non-scientific area

The aim is to increase the proportion of women at all management levels and in the classic "male domains". To this end, an equal opportunities plan has been drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Equal Opportunities Act, with corresponding targets for the next 5 years. The Equal Opportunities Officer also focuses on all aspects of reconciling work and family life.


  • Responsible for the scientific area.

The aim is to provide equal opportunities for women and men in work and science and to increase the proportion of women in under-represented areas. A further objective is to improve the framework conditions for family-friendly work and research opportunities.

The JAV is responsible for all matters relating to trainees in close cooperation with the staff representatives. It takes part in the selection process for trainees and pays attention both to the quality of the training in accordance with the laws and collective bargaining regulations and to the integration of foreign trainees.

The Staff Council represents the interests of all employees. He is responsible for all questions relating to the employment relationship. In conflict situations, the members of the Staff Council see themselves as mediators who take sides for the employees and seek possible solutions. The Staff Council monitors the implementation of all laws, collective agreements and service agreements applicable at the clinic.

The aim of the representation of severely disabled persons is to promote the integration of severely disabled persons into the company. you

  • offers assistance and advice on applications for severe disability status
  • ensures compliance with the employer's obligations towards severely handicapped persons, and
  • advises on questions of different pensions.

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