at the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine

Lead to application

Vacancies are advertised on our recruiting platform. As they are published on a daily basis, it is worth visiting them regularly.

To the Recruiting Platform

If you are interested in a concrete tender, you have two possibilities to send us your documents:

You apply for the advertised positions

  • by post with a classic application folder


  • digitally via our online form or by e-mail.

Please contact the person named in the job offer directly.

If there is currently no vacancy in the area you are interested in, you can send us an unsolicited application.

Convince us that you are the right person for us! Your letter of application works like your business card and leaves a first impression. You should give us a clear picture of your qualifications, interests and personality.

A complete application consists of:
  • covering letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • all relevant certificates.

In addition, you can present your personal motivation and strengths in more detail on an extra page.

The cover letter

It should be brief and concise and describes your qualifications and motivation in the context of the job you are applying for. It makes clear at first glance:

  • Which tender are you applying for?
  • Reason for application? Why are you interested in this activity?
  • Why are you particularly suitable for this position? Convince us why your cooperation is particularly valuable for us.
  • Make us curious and want to know more about you.
Attach a current resume:
  • Set it up in tabular form.
  • In addition to your special qualifications, name relevant hobbies and personal interests.
  • Do not forget date and signature.
Observe the general standards:
  • Check your application carefully for wording and spelling mistakes.
  • Make sure that your cover letter and curriculum vitae are clearly structured and easy to read.
  • Observe the usual rules for written correspondence (e.g. paragraphs, appropriate margins, font sizes/types, line spacing, etc.).
  • Apart from the cover letter and curriculum vitae, we do not ask you to send any original documents, but copies (please do not send copies that you can see on a multiple postal trip).
  • For online and e-mail applications, only attach files that can be opened with standard applications (PDF files, total max. 10 MB).

Of course you are eagerly awaiting an answer. Since we check your documents just as carefully as you have formulated your application, you should have a little patience. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

In order to make it easier for you to start your professional life, you take part in a central introductory day at the beginning of your employment relationship. There we will introduce you to the clinic as your employer. In addition, your individual induction training, adapted to the respective work area, is carried out according to a structured induction concept.

More about the introduction day

Unsolicited applications

You have not found an advertised position for your professional group, but would like to work for us?

Send an unsolicited application directly to the superior of the department in which you could imagine working for us. This means that your application can be considered immediately if a position becomes vacant there.

Research and health care

Research and health care

Contact the clinic or institute directly.

Facilities A-Z

Introduction of new employees

Contents and topics on the introductory day

  • Presentation of the Clinic and the Faculty of Medicine
  • Overview of central facilities and company offers
  • Responsibilities of the Staff Committee
  • Social Intranet

The University Hospital of Tübingen is pleased to welcome new staff members. Regular introduction days are held for all new employees and trainees to ensure a successful introduction to the new working environment. There are further introductory events and sector-specific induction programmes for specific occupations.

Our new employees and their superiors will be notified in advance in writing of the bindingly reserved date of the introductory event as well as dates for additional necessary familiarisation programmes.

Certificates and Associations