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Crisis intervention

In acute crises that cannot be resolved by a one-off telephone consultation, we will try to arrange for you to talk to a suitable person from our team as soon as possible if you do not have sufficient outpatient care. Our medical and psychological psychotherapists work in the clinics for psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy or child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy.

In life-threatening crisis situations (e.g. acute suicidal tendencies) please call the emergency service:


or the emergency outpatient clinic of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy:

07071 29-82311

Children and adolescents can contact the emergency department of the Tübingen Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at any time:

07071 29-62465

Psychosocial impact of the Corona pandemic

The Corona virus also has psychosocial effects: Anxiety and depression are on the rise. Research reports also cite sleep disturbances, recollection of trauma, and increased intra-family and partnership conflicts. These can be further exacerbated by the necessary exit and contact restrictions.

10 recommendations against "cabin fever

Prof. Dr. Stephan Mühlig, holder of the Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Chemnitz University of Technology and head of the Chemnitz Smokers' Outpatient Clinic and the Psychotherapeutic University Outpatient Clinic (PHA-TUC GmbH), gives advice on how to deal with quarantines or curfews

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What to do about anxiety, depression and other psychological stresses?

Depression, anxiety and other psychological stresses can worsen. This in turn has unfavourable effects, as worries and fears, e.g. with regard to the Corona pandemic, may also increase due to the negative mood.

Here are some tips:

Even if you work in a home office, make sure you have a regular daily routine. Set your alarm clock and get up at the usual time, go to bed at the normal time, make sure you have regular meals and structure your times for work, household and leisure!

Arrange to video chat or talk on the phone with friends and dear relatives. This helps against loneliness!

Get outside for a walk in the fresh air or exercise - as long as curfews allow. Exercise has been proven to help with depressed mood!

Retiring to bed because you feel powerless and exhausted can lead to an increase in depressive symptoms. Stay active and go to bed at usual times.

Be self-caring with yourself and incorporate enjoyable activities into your daily life that give you a boost and positive experiences (e.g. reading, scents, music, games, personal hygiene, yoga, meditation, watching series, etc.).


The German Foundation for Depression Aid has also made its online program "iFightDepression" available to anyone who cannot find psychotherapeutic support.

Those affected can register informallyfor the programme via the e-mail address ifightdepression@deutsche-depressionshilfe.de.


If your worries and fears cannot be resolved during a crisis telephone contact, acute psychotherapeutic treatment may be necessary. If you do not have outpatient psychotherapeutic care, this can also be provided at our Centre for Mental Health, if necessary, after clarification of cost coverage and examination of capacity. Psychotherapeutic outpatient treatment at the Center for Mental Health has been largely converted to telephone and video contact during the Corona Crisis. This allows appointments to continue during curfew or quarantine. This way, you minimize the risk of infection by not using local transportation or face-to-face contact. The switch to telemedicine and video medicine has been well received by both our therapists and patients. We are pleased that we were able to find a solution to the current difficult situation.

How does telemedicine treatment work?

You can opt for a video consultation or telephone psychotherapy.

For telephone treatment, please be available at the agreed time on the telephone number you have given us. You will be contacted by our doctors/psychotherapists. Please note that some of our colleagues work from home. In this case you will be called with a suppressed telephone number. Please answer the phone anyway. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we cannot put you through directly to the respective therapist.

For the video consultation you need a computer or a smartphone with internet access, microphone and camera. In order to start the therapy, you need to install an app. You will receive a link from us in advance by email or text message, with which you can dial into a secure and certified data connection to your therapist at the agreed time.

Certificates and Associations

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