at the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine

Internship at the clinic

Get a taste of the future profession!

If you want to try out whether a profession at the hospital is right for you, you can do an internship before you start training or studying. We offer student internships, e.g. BOGY/BORS, orientation internships and compulsory internships for subsequent vocational training or for medical studies.

By the way, anyone working in a hospital should be protected against dangerous infections.

Information sheet on vaccination protection and occupational health precautions

This is how you apply!

Please apply at least eight weeks before the start of the internship!

The written application documents should contain:

  • Covering letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Last school report
  • Desired period of the internship

Internship at the clinic

Nursing internship

If you would like to do an internship in the nursing field, please send your application by e-mail directly to the nursing directorate.

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Nursing internship in medical studies

The prescribed nursing internship within the framework of the study of human medicine can be completed at the university hospital before the start of studies or during the semester break.

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Internships in other training occupations

At the University Hospital there are many other training occupations in which you can do an internship if you are not sure whether the training is suitable for you. Contact the departments directly.

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Voluntary Services FSJ & BFD

Voluntary Services FSJ & BFD

If you want to try things out after school, gain experience or do something different for a certain period of time, a voluntary service is just the thing for you. FSJ or Bundesfreiwilligendienst is possible in numerous facilities of the clinic. The large number of clinics, institutes, laboratories, administrative and service areas open up interesting fields of application.

The Voluntary Social Year FSJ is counted as a waiting period for studies and is recognised by many educational institutions as an internship. You can do voluntary service until you are 27 years old. The application for the FSJ at the University Hospital Tübingen is made by the Organisation Internationaler Bund (IB).

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Who can do Federal Voluntary Service?
  • Men and women of all age groups after completion of full-time compulsory schooling
  • Duration normally 12, minimum 6 and maximum 18 months
  • From the age of 26, part-time work of >20 hours per week is also possible.
  • Agreements from the special programme BFD with reference to refugees for the year 2018 continue to apply at any time of commencement.
Our volunteers receive
  • Pocket money of € 390.00 (maximum rate set by law)
  • a monthly food allowance (75,00 €)
  • a refund for the monthly ticket (place of residence/place of employment)
  • We also offer free courses at our Academy for Education and Personnel Development


Mo-Thr: 9:00 - 12.30, 13:00 - 15:30

Fr: 9:00 am - 11:30

Request our list of offers in good time so that you can find the best place for you.

Peter Knoll

Commissioner for the Federal Voluntary Service

Geissweg 5, 1st floor, room 106, 72076 Tübingen, Germany

07071 29-82027

Research assistant or student assistant

Already during or after your studies, you can assist in research and teaching or support students in tutorials! Networks, salary and first professional experiences - all these are advantages of a student or scientific assistant activity for the career.

Where to apply?

Hiwi jobs are often posted on the bulletin boards or on the websites of the individual institutions. It is also possible to send an unsolicited application directly to the desired institution:
Institutions from A-Z

Student assistants

Do not yet have a university degree, the employment relationship ends at the latest with the exmatriculation.

Scientific assistants

Research assistants have already obtained their first university degree.

Certificates and Associations