Research Groups

DFG Research Groups at the Medical Faculty

FOR 1847: Primate Systems Neuroscience

The Physiology of Distributed Computing Underlying Higher Brain Functions in Non-Human Primates

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FOR 2060: cGMP Signalling in Cell Growth and Survival

The unifying goal of the research group is to investigate how cGMP affects the remodeling, degeneration and regeneration of tissues in the cardiovascular, nervous and neurosensory systems.

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FOR 2314: Solid tumors - Therapeutic Windows

The goal of the DFG Research Group FOR 2314 is to identify vital cellular processes in tumor cells in collaboration with researchers from the University of Würzburg, which can be used for an innovative therapy.

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FOR 2715: Epileptogenesis of genetic epilepsies

The research group, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), hopes to get to the bottom of the mechanisms of genetically caused forms of epilepsy. The spokesperson is Professor Dr. Holger Lerche from the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research at the University of Tübingen and the University Hospital in Tübingen.

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