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Opening hours

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8.00 - 12.00 hrs and
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Treatment in the clinical student courses

Dear Patient,

Surely you have already heard about the possibility of receiving treatment in our clinical student courses or within the framework of the practical state examination through acquaintances, relatives, or other satisfied patients.

Two students work in a team: One in the function of the dentist, one as the chair-side assistant.

Please bring time with you and have patience, both in terms of number and duration of the individual treatment sessions, as the students do not yet have routine and each important step is checked by certified dentists or assistant professors.  Please do not be surprised when certain diagnostic or therapeutic steps will be repeated in subsequent sessions for didactic reasons.

When planning your appointments, we will inform you of the estimated time required per treatment session. However, unless otherwise specified, you should possibly plan a whole morning or afternoon for the treatment.

As a legally insured patient in a clinical student course, you enjoy the advantage that - in addition to the costs for treatments that are already covered by the statutory health insurance (GKV)- you have to pay a comparatively lower amount for services that are not part of the GKV (e.g. high-quality, tooth-coloured composite fillings or professional tooth cleaning).

We look forward to welcoming you to our student courses.

Treatment spectrum

The treatment spectrum in the student courses covers almost all forms of tooth saving measures.
In concrete terms this includes:

  • Direct restorations (fillings) made of e.g. composite
  • Indirect restorations (e.g. inlays and partial crowns) made of cast metal or ceramic
  • Root canal treatments
  • Treatment of periodontopathies (periodontal diseases)
  • Treatment of children and adolescents

The courses only take place during the semester

Wintersemester: mid-October to mid-February

Summersemester: mid-April to mid-July

08.15 am - 12.00 am Morning course

01.15 pm - 05.00 pm afternoon course


How to schedule an appointment for treatment in the student courses.


Schedule/cancel by phone

In the framework of the central patient admission you will be examined by a dentist from our department and specifically scheduled for the respective student course.

In case you are prevented from keeping an appointment or do not wish further treatment, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please bring your health insurance chip card, your bonus booklet, and any dental radiographs you may have to each of your appointments.

Please inform us in good time of any changes to your name, address and in particular your telephone number so that we can schedule your appointments without any problems.

*For the unexcused absence at the time of your scheduled appointment, we have to charge a cancellation fee of 50,-€.

Certificates and Associations

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