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Counselling and support for Corona patients and relatives

The Center for Mental Health (ZPG) offers specific counseling and support for patients of the University Hospital with COVID-19 and their relatives, e.g. in case of psychological stress during treatment. If necessary, further treatment is provided by the corresponding university outpatient clinics. Care is provided by experienced colleagues from the University Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and the Department of Internal Medicine VI, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy.



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Coordination of psychosomatic emergency care for patients and their relatives:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Stengel

Psychosocial emergency care

In connection with the current COVID19 pandemic, treatment and care situations for patients and their relatives can be psychologically stressful, even traumatising. It is therefore not uncommon for those affected to experience mental crises or prolonged impairments during treatment, such as worry, anxiety, panic, resignation, depressive reactions, exhaustion or insomnia.
In order to address these psychological stresses in COVID19 patients and stressed relatives in the best possible way and as early as possible, we have set up psychosocial emergency care. This emergency care can be requested by the attending physicians of the ward electronically or via the consultation telephone (on weekdays).

Contacts with inpatients usually take place on the respective wards, contacts with relatives in the event of a crisis in the clinic, otherwise regularly by telephone/video telephony. In addition, electronic psychotherapeutic materials for dealing with stress (e.g. videos, apps) are used.

Contents of emergency care

  • Psychoeducation for adaptive illness processing
  • Resource-oriented intervention in cases of extreme psychological stress
  • Acute crisis intervention
  • Psychological stabilization in case of isolation
  • Psychological support in case of signs of deterioration of the disease
  • Diagnostic assessment of psychological symptoms
  • Recommendation for medicinal treatment of psychological symptoms
  • Support for relatives of dying patients
  • Recommendations for dealing with highly stressed patients and relatives
  • Possible further treatment within the framework of the psychosomatic university outpatient clinic/institutional outpatient clinic

Certificates and Associations

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