Nursing at the clinic

Advance digitally

Tübingen University Hospital is actively pursuing the path of digital transformation!

With almost 450,000 patients, technological tools such as the electronic patient file and our patient information and communication system (PIKS) are a must.

We are continuously working on further digitization measures that make everyday work easier, such as digital speech processing.

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Language entry in the nursing documentation

At Tübingen University Hospital, an average of 500 nursing progress reports are created each week - per ward. Since spring 2021, nurses have had access to Nuance's Dragon Medical speech recognition solution to help them with their documentation. Using a portable microphone, they can record their reports flexibly on any laptop, tablet or PC that is logged on. At the touch of a button, the speech input device is activated and the spoken report appears as text - for example in Word or the patient documentation system Meona.

Patient Information and Communication System (PIKS)

More than 1,000 beds have an iPad with the Patient Information and Communication System (PIKS). It combines Internet services, telephony, television and radio, as well as expanding media offerings such as online newspapers.

In all clinics and areas, patients can use the guest WLAN "WIFIonUKT" with the access code.

In addition to the guest WLAN, the iPad offers direct access to the Internet via Safari browser.

Public, international and private stations can be watched on the iPad. Radio stations can be listened to via Internet stream directly on the iPad. Some stations are already available as a preselection for this.

During their stay in the clinic, patients can use their cell phone to make phone calls. If there is no cell phone reception, the cell phone can be used in conjunction with the guest WLAN "WIFIonUKT" for services such as WhatsApp, Signal, FaceTime, Skype, WLAN calling, etc.

An extended media offering is also available on the iPad, with some Sky channels, online magazines and daily newspapers (share magazines), and some games.

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