Health Centre Tübingen

Address: Hoppe-Seyler-Strasse 6
72076 Tübingen


About us

With the Health Centre, which opened in 2012, the clinic offers both sick and healthy people a wide range of opportunities to build up and maintain fitness and health in close cooperation and under the professional supervision of the attending doctors. Furthermore, the building houses two conference rooms, a café bar with roof terrace and seating in the foyer.

Sports Medicine

The experts in sports medicine and sports orthopaedics at the University Hospital offer athletes and patients comprehensive care and advice.

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Centre for Physiotherapy of the University Hospital (UZP)

Training and physiotherapeutic care of patients of the hospital and externally competent and in close coordination with the treating clinic.

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Centre for Outpatient Rehabilitation (ZAR)

Highly qualified outpatient rehabilitation for oncological, neurological and orthopaedic patients directly on the premises of the clinic.

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Day clinic psychosomatic medicine

Patients with psychosomatic illnesses can use the day clinic of the psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy department of the clinic.

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CI Rehabilitation Center

In the CI Rehabilitation Center of the University Hospital for Otorhinolaryngology, children and adults with a cochlear implant are rehabilitated according to a holistic, interdisciplinary approach.

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Guest house

In the GZT - Das Gästehaus your accommodation is well taken care of in direct connection to the University Hospital Tübingen.

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