MEG Center

The Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Centre is an independent central research facility of the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital of Tübingen. The MEG Center provides access to state-of-the-art MEG technology for basic and clinical research to research groups of the University of Tübingen as well as to external researchers.

The MEG Center is equipped with:

  • a 275-channel whole-head MEG system for studying brain activity in adults and children
  • a synchronized 256 channel EEG system
  • various systems for precise visual, auditory and somatosensory stimulation
  • numerous analogue and digital response systems
  • a MEG-compatible binocular eye tracker


Professor Dr. Markus Siegel

MEG Center
Otfried-Müller-Str. 47

Phone number: +49 7071 29-81200 / 85297

E-mail address:


Prof. Christoph BraunManagement07071 29-87705
Gabi Walker-DietrichMTA07071 29-87706
Jürgen DaxTechnology07071 29-87706
Timo LarbigTechnology07071 29-87710
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Anna-Antonia PapePhD student07071 29-85230
Janet GiehlPhD student07071 29-85298
Florian SandhägerPhD student07071 29-81198
Marcus SiemsPhD student07071 29-81198
Andrea Ibarra ChoulPhD student07071 29-81198
Angela RadetzMasters student07071 29-81198
Barbara PeysakhovichMasters student07071 29-85230
Diljit Singh-KajalPhD student07071 29-81196
Ciara FioravantiPhD student07071 29-81196
Adham Elshahabi (with AG Focke)PhD student07071 29-87691
Yiwen Li Hegner (with AG Focke)PhD student07071 29-87750
Vera Huiying WangPhD student07071 29-87750
Margherita CarboniMasters student07071 29-81194
Silvia VannoniMasters student07071 29-87691
Laura de ZorziMasters student07071 29-81194
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