Vascular medicine and diabetes

Diabetes and Vascular Medicine at Tübingen

DZD - German Centre for Diabetes Research

Institute for Diabetes Research and Metabolic Diseases

The primary research goal of the Institute of Diabetes Research and Metabolic Diseases (IDM) is the individualized prediction of diabetes risk and diabetes prevention, but also its personalized therapy. The main focus is on studies of gene-environment interactions. Thanks to the establishment of very well phenotyped cohort studies with more than 2,500 participants with an increased risk of diabetes, Tübingen has great expertise in the prediction and prevention of type 2 diabetes and its secondary diseases.

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SFB TR 240: Platelets - molecular, cellular and systemic functions under physiological and pathological conditions

The aim of the DFG-funded SFB TR 240 is to decipher the complex and insufficiently understood functions of blood platelets, the so-called thrombocytes. The scientists hope to gain new insights that will enable better treatment of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, acute lung failure and cancer.

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Center for Nutritional Medicine

Together with institutions of the University of Hohenheim, the Medical Faculty of Tübingen and the University Hospital in Tübingen have joined forces to form a supra-regional Centre for Nutritional Medicine (ZEM). The aim is to optimize patient care from a nutritional medicine perspective. To this end, interdisciplinary consultation hours, services and guidelines will be established to ensure comprehensive diagnosis, therapy and aftercare.

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Centre for vascular anomalies

Vascular malformations are usually congenital malformations of the vascular system, but they can also develop over the course of a lifetime, for example after an injury. They are divided into fast flowing arteriovenous malformations and slow flowing venous or lymphatic malformations. Mixed forms are not rare.

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Competence Centre for Eating Disorders Tübingen (KOMET)

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Vascular Center

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Vascular Diseases (Vascular Centre) at the University Hospital Tübingen guarantees comprehensive patient care through the close cooperation of all specialist vascular departments. All the innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are secured in vascular medicine are offered. Patients, e.g. with peripheral circulatory disorders (so-called "window dressing") and venous diseases (e.g. "varicose veins"), are simultaneously treated by specialized internists, angiologists, diabetologists, phlebologists, interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons, general surgeons, hemostaseologists. In this way, we ensure holistic and comprehensive patient care - from diagnostics to acute treatment to follow-up care with optimized risk factor intervention.

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