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Halitosis - bad breath

In most cases, halitosis develops within the oral cavity and can be associated with gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

We offer an assessment of the severity of bad breath and a comprehensive diagnosis of the oral cavity, taking into account possible causes from areas outside the oral cavity. In case bad breath is associated with the oral cavity, we offer targeted therapy measures. In addition, we assist in the orientation towards further diagnostic measures in other medical fields.

Halitosis - special consultation hour

How to schedule an appointment for the special consultation hours:


Schedule an appointment by telephone

Usually two appointments are necessary

The 1st appointment includes a detailed examination of the mouth and throat area and of the breath that is expelled. Furthermore, habits and pre-existing conditions are discussed, which may promote the development of bad breath. If necessary, initial treatment measures will follow.

The 2nd appointment serves to check the success of the treatment. If there are indications of causes that are not localized in the oral cavity, the patient will be referred to the appropriate disciplines for further clarification, such as to a specialist in the field of ear, nose and throat medicine.

The examination is carried out with an ambient air sample and a Halimeter®. A test for the determination of halitosis is not yet part of the German statutory health insurance.

Frau am Halimeter

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