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Opening hours

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8.00 - 12.00 hrs and
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Paediatric dentistry

In principle, the Department of Conservative Dentistry is open to all children and young people for treatment. However, we would like to offer optimal care by our specialized team especially for those children who are dependent on treatment in a clinic and patients with special treatment needs. 

Regular therapeutic measures and prophylaxis are carried out by the dentists of the department as well as by students in our "children's course" under the supervision of dentists.

Objectives and priorities

  • Establishing individual prophylaxis programmes (individual advice on prevention, oral hygiene and nutrition as well as cleaning instructions appropriate to age and ability)
  • Providing treatment after dental accidents
  • Providing treatment of early childhood caries, especially in very young patients
  • Providing treatment of structural anomalies of teeth (e.g. amelogenesis / dentinogenesis imperfecta, molar incisor hypomineralization)
  • Providing dental care in the presence of serious general illnesses or syndromes

Special course in paedodontics: "Children's course"

The students are in their last semester right before taking the state examination and have appropriate knowledge in the treatment of very young patients. Naturally, the special course in paedodontics ("children's course") is under the supervision of an experienced dentist.

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Treatment under anaesthesia (ITN)

For complex, extensive operations or for patients who cannot be treated in regular treatment settings, we offer dental treatment under intubation anaesthesia (ITN).

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Further Information

German Society for Paediatric Dentistry

More general information can be found on the website of the German Society for Paediatric Dentistry (DGKiZ).

Certificates and Associations

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