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The Faculty supports physicians with an interest in science through the Clinician Scientist Track. The offered programs are:

Advanced Clinician Scientist - Funding program

The Faculty of Medicine (MFT) is calling for applications for three positions as "Advanced Clinician Scientist(MFT-ACF). This program offers habilitated physicians with an established research profile the opportunity to pursue their career as a clinician scientist. In addition, it supports the participating clinics in establishing MFT Clinician Scientist Professorships. The aim is to sustainably strengthen patient- and practice-oriented research topics in the respective clinics, with a particular focus on the promotion of clinical studies.

Phase I: 3 years research time over 30% (funding: 15% department, 15% MFT) and 50% technical assistance position (funding: 25% department, 25% MFT)

Phase II: After a positive interim evaluation, a further 2 years of research time over 30% (funding: 15% department, 15% MFT) and 50% technical assistance (fully funded by the host department)

Following a positive evaluation of the candidate after the first funding phase (in the 3rd year), in which scientific development, independence and visibility are demonstrably established, further funding over 2 years is possible. After a positive final evaluation (in the 5th year), the candidate is transferred to a permanent senior physician position with a research area or research section that offers permanent freedom for own research. Following the funding program, a regular evaluation is carried out every 5 years by the head of department and the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Habilitation or habilitation-equivalent achievements
  • Completed specialist training and outstanding clinical achievements
  • Publications with international visibility as first and last author 
  • Proven stay at an external research institution (usually 2 years, at least 1 year)
  • Peer-reviewed external third-party funding (at least equivalent to an individual DFG proposal)
  • Very well evaluated teaching

The applicant's research profile must fit thematically into the main research areas or cross-sectional areas of the research location Tübingen.

The Faculty requests letters of intent by April 15, 2024 with a CV, a letter of motivation and a brief description of the research projects including details of infrastructure (office, labs, etc.) and collaborations, letter of recommendation from the clinical director with a statement on the possible establishment of a research section as part of a positive evaluation and after the ACS funding has expired. An important prerequisite for participation is prior confirmation of co-financing by the clinical department in which the applicants will be working.

At the end of March, suitable candidates will be invited to submit a full application by 30.06.2024 with the following documents: letter of motivation, CV, publications, proof of third-party funding, proof of teaching and teaching evaluation and stay abroad, project description and a letter of support from the clinic with assurance of 3+2 years of co-funding.

  • Research leave of the candidate of at least 30% during the program period
  • Partial funding of the research time (corresponds to 15% of a senior physician position) and funding of the personnel costs for the clinical part (TVÄ with allowances)
  • Basic equipment and infrastructure (incl. office and lab) must be provided by the department
  • (Partial) funding of a technical assistant in both funding phases
  • After a positive evaluation, the assurance of a permanent senior physician position with a permanently planned research field or research section

Contact for further information

Dr. Inka Montero

E-mail address:

Phone number: +49 7071 29-7 79 29

Clinician Scientist (MINT-CS) Program

Clinician Scientist (MINT-CS) program

The Medical Innovation through Interdisciplinarity Clinician Scientist (MINT-CS) program fosters medical innovation through interdisciplinarity by promoting the development of scientifically and clinically competent physicians in key areas of translational research at our Faculty of Medicine, as well as in areas currently underrepresented for CS. 

MINT-CS shall address questions in particular in our clinical priority areas oncology, clinical neurosciences and diabetes/vascular medicine making use of our excellent cross-sectional research platforms. Additional disciplines (e.g., surgical disciplines, primary care medicine), will be specifically involved to promote new areas of innovation and broaden the impact of our program. Grant holders undergo a qualification curriculum and develop translational research projects in close collaboration between clinical departments and basic science laboratories. 

The MINT-CS Program is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Faculty of Medicine Tübingen

  • excellent young clinicians 
  • in training and with at least two years of completed clinical training
  • outstanding track record, at least 3 papers (in general 2 first authorships)
  • high motivation level
  • protected time for research, which can be flexibly distributed over the total funding period of three years (in general 50%).
  • flexible starting grant of 3.000 Euro (p.a.)
  • participants profit from supervision and mentoring
  • CV 
  • motivation letter (1 page, including short description of past and current and link to planned scientific projects)
  • 3-page research sketch outlining the proposed project idea of excellent scientific quality (title of planned research project, clinical and natural science supervisors, project description with milestones plan, embedding into the research group, references are excluded)
  • letter from the heads of the desired clinical and research host institutions and potentially other involved departments acknowledging support for the candidate at the conditions of the MINT-CS program (covering the 50% clinical share)


Prof. Dr. med. Claudia Lengerke

Prof. Dr. med. Claudia Lengerke

Ärztliche Direktorin Innere Medizin II - Hämatologie, Onkologie, klinische Immunologie und Rheumatologie

Phone number: +49 7071 29-82915

Fax number: 07071 29-3671

E-mail address:;

Publications: Publications

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Gasser

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gasser

Ärztlicher Direktor

Phone number: +49 7071 29-82048

Fax number: 07071 29-4839

E-mail address:

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MINT-CS Curriculum

  • regular seminar 
  • Annual retreat (incl. Workshops)
  • ‚Stammtisch‘ (organized by CS)
  • External Network Meetings (e.g. BW CS Network)
  • good scientific practice and doctoral supervision
  • leadership and management Skills
  • congress participations

To address individual needs, participants attend courses to enhance their scientific, clinical and management skills in consultation with their advisory boards.

  • Scientific Qualifications: Statistics, academic writing/publishing, S1/S2 qualifications etc
  • Clinical Qualifications: Biometry and epidemiology, ethics, translational methods etc
  • Management Qualifications: Data and project management, patent matters, conflict management, gender equality issues etc

See the Talent Academy event database for a list of available courses

Talent Academy

Junior Clinician Scientist Program

The Junior Clinician Scientist Programme supports highly motivated Clinician Scientists in their first two years of specialisation. During the two-year funding period, participants will benefit from all the services offered by the Talent Academy. Proposed research projects can be related to clinical, translational and/or basic science.

  • excellent young clinicians
  • generally in the first 2 years of residency
  • with experience in research
  • high motivation level
  • total funding period of two years (in general 20 % protected time allocated for research, half of the research time is funded by the medical faculty)
  • Access to the services offered by the Talent Academy
  • Career support by the Clinician Scientist office
  • Strengthen the individual research profile of the participants by protected time for research
  • Preparation of grant applications for a research stay abroad
  • Being in the first two years of your residency/postgraduate training at the start of the program (to candidates from the third year of residency, we offer a DFG-funded program (MINT-CS))
  • Doctoral degree with summa or magna cum laude
  • Generally, 1 peer-reviewed publication as first author

Application Deadline and Contact

Application Deadline
Application deadline is February 15. 2024
Applications can be submitted via our application portal.
Dr. Inka Montero

Head of Academic Career

Address: Dekanat der Medizinischen Fakultät, Bereich Akademische Laufbahn

Phone number: +49 7071 29-77929

E-mail address:

Dr. Annika Erbacher

Academic Career, Clinician Scientist

E-mail address:

Phone number: +49 7071 29-87835 (a.m. only)

Dr. Cathrin Klingeberg

Internal research funding, Junior Clinician Scientist

Address: Dekanat der Medizinischen Fakultät, Bereich Forschung

Phone number: +49 7071 29-73684

E-mail address: