Electron Microscopy

Electron microscopy offers unique possibilities for cell structure analysis, cell content analysis, morphometry, element analysis and diagnostics. The uniqueness of electron microscopy for the research sector lies mainly in the development of a resolution range below 200 nm up to 0.34 nm, which is not accessible with other methods. On the other hand, electron beams simply bring to light other properties of tissues that would otherwise be completely unobservable. For resolution and detailed visualization of subcellular compartments and organelles, electron microscopy is still leading. By means of analytical EM the morphological information can be completed by an additional chemical characterization of nanoparticles.


Management of the Core Facility

Professor Dr. Martin Schaller

Location Dermatology Clinic

University Dermatology Clinic

Liebermeisterstrasse 26

72076 Tübingen

Two locations are available

The Facility can be used by all interested research groups of the Medical Faculty, public (university, MPG...) and non-public (industry...) institutions. Please contact the person listed below with your request.


  • Routine embedding for morphological questions
  • Immunogold labeling on Lowicrylic slices
  • Element analysis (EELS, ESI)
  • Negativestaining
  • correlative light and electron microscopy
  • confocal laser scanning microscopy

Contact person

Birgit Fehrenbacher

Phone number: +49 7071 29-80846

E-mail address: Birgit.Fehrenbacher@med.uni-tuebingen.de