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iFIT Videos

Our iFIT Videos give you a first impression of what excellent cancer research made in Tuebingen looks like.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science
World Cancer Day 2024
Florian Wimmers receives Robert Koch Postdoctoral Award 2023
1st International iFIT Conference 2023
iFIT Imagevideo
World Cancer Day 2023 - Ask a Scientist
1st International iFIT Conference - Teaser
Improving the ability to predict the efficacy of immunotherapies for lung cancer
Excellent Cancer Research - The iFIT Cluster of Excellence
Why are cancer patients at increased risk of severe COVID-19?
iFIT at Science Day 2021: Insights into the cancer research of tomorrow
World Cancer Day 2022: A look behind the scenes of cancer research
Tissue metabolites in diffuse glioma and their modulations by IDH1 mutation, histology and treatment