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Information and consent

You have the right to be fully briefed on the treatment you are receiving. The University Hospital Tübingen doctors and staff will to do their very best to explain your illness and your treatment to you. But if anything is still not completely clear, please ask them again to explain everything you want to know in greater detail. Should an operation or similar surgical procedure be necessary, your doctor must first advise you of its necessity, the possible risks involved and the type and scale of the surgical procedure required. You must agree to such treatment and give your consent in writing. This written consent can only be disregarded in the case of a life-threatening emergency which requires immediate medical action.

The staff at the University Hospital are duty-bound to maintain strict confidentiality on your illness and any information you have given us in confidence. We are not permitted to pass any such information on to a third party. If you wish, you can, however, release your doctor from his duty to maintain strict confidentiality. This will permit him to pass on information to persons nominated by you.

In a living will, you can specify in writing how you wish to receive medical treatment in a situation in which you can no longer decide for yourself. In this way you can influence the treatment even if you are not able to make decisions and thus preserve your right to self-determination.
Tübingen Advisor on the Patient Decree

In a proxy, you can authorize one or more people you trust to represent you in decisions about their medical treatment if you can no longer decide for yourself.

Further information

Further information on the subject of living wills and precautionary powers of attorney with concrete formulation proposals can be found, for example, on the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice.

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Information for patients from abroad

Further information for patients from abroad about hospital fees, nursing charge tariffs and payment  you will find here:

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Data protection

All data which we have received concerning your admission, which of course includes all information about your illness and treatment, is subject to the statutory provisions for data protection and is treated in accordance with the legal stipulations for data protection.

Contribution and treatment costs

DRG flat rate per case system

According to the legal guidelines, general hospital services are generally invoiced via Diagnosis Relatet Groups (DRGs). Accordingly, the treatment costs are calculated according to the individual circumstances of the case. Also pay attention to the corresponding notices in the individual clinics. In the areas of psychiatry and psychosomatics, billing is based on daily nursing rates.

Contribution fee from patients with statutory health insurance

As an personal contribution fee, the University Hospital collects an additional payment from legally insured patients from the start of fully inpatient hospital treatment - within one calendar year for a maximum of 28 days. The additional payment currently amounts to 10 euros per calendar day. This amount is paid by the University Hospital to the corresponding member health insurance fund.

If you would like to pay your personal contribution fee immediately, you can do so at the cash desk of the Hill Hospitals, Crona Clinics. It is located in the foyer, level A4, in the passage to the children's clinic. In the other clinics, please enquire on site.

optional services

Additional services and optional benefits

While general hospital services such as accommodation, meals or medical care via the doctor on duty ensure medically appropriate and sufficient care for every patient in the hospital, optional services go beyond the necessary care. This includes optional medical and medical services (chief physician contract) or accommodation in a comfort ward or in a comfort room.

Elective benefits can be claimed by privately insured, self-payers as well as those insured by the statutory health insurance. Please clarify with your health insurance company the extent to which you are insured for the additional benefits in good time before concluding the contract. Legally binding information on clinic costs and tariffs can only be obtained from the administration of the University Hospital.

General Terms and Conditions

Inform yourself about the general terms and conditions of the University Hospital Tübingen.

General Terms and Conditions


If you have any questions about treatment costs or your billing, please contact the patient administration.

Patient management

Patients from abroad

Please inform yourself about the financing conditions, if you come to us as a patient from abroad.

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