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Pastoral care in hospitals

Visits to the wards and the offer of a conversation, regardless of denomination or religious beliefs, are part of the pastoral care offered.

Chaplaincy Tübingen

The hospital chaplaincy offers on-call service for all Tübingen hospitals. If you wish, you can also be brought to bed with communion or the Lord's Supper. The hospital chaplains come for confessional talks or the anointing of the sick.

Catholic hospital chaplaincy

07071 29-83280

Protestant hospital chaplaincy

07071 29-86522

More about pastoral care in hospitals

Your direct contact persons in the clinics will be announced via the clinic chaplaincy websites:

Contact persons in the clinics

Worship services and prayer rooms

Services in the clinic chapels and prayer rooms are celebrated alternately by Catholics and Protestants, and in some clinics they are also broadcast to the patient's room on request. Muslims can use the chapels for their prayers as guests; prayer rugs are provided, and in some cases copies of the Koran are also available. The rooms are also open outside prayer times, and guests of other denominations or religions are always welcome.

Christian services are announced on the clinic's chaplaincy website:

Regular services

Chapels and devotional rooms

Crona Clinics: Chapel on level 4 next to the cafeteria

Medical Clinic: Chapel on level 3 in the corridor towards the lecture halls

Eye Clinic/HNO Clinic: Chapel on the first floor next to the cafeteria

Gynecological clinic: Prayer room on level 4

Psychiatry: Devotion room in the old building level 2 room 81

Dermatology Clinic: Ward 31, Level 4, Room 4.137

More offers for help and advice

With offers of help and advice, we try to make the stay in hospital easier for our patients. In addition to pastoral care, you will find further support here:

Certificates and Associations