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About us

The working group Molecular Gynecology led by Martin Weiss combines basic molecular research with the translational characterization and development of innovative, non-invasive treatment and imaging procedures. With the Department for Women’s Health, Tübingen and the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute, Reutlingen the working group spans two departments at the Eberhard-Karls-University of Tübingen and is associated with several university and non-university research institutes and industrial cooperation partners. The lab members come from different disciplines mostly with medical background and work together in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. With enthusiasm we focus on the development and characterization of non-invasive treatment and imaging procedures with applications in operative gynecology and gynecooncology to improve our future – to make a difference.

Our Research Group 2023

Jun. Prof. Dr. med. Martin Weiss

Group Leader


Our Research Focus

From Bench to Bedside

At the Department of Women’s Health and the Research Institute for Women’s Health we undertake development, translational research and clinical studies to ensure clinical access to our MedTech innovations for suitable groups of patients. 


Molecular Gynecology at the Department of Womens health

Innovative medical technology

 is the outcome of interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge transfer between scientists, engineers and physicians. At the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) at the University of Tübingen we undertake applied research and development at the interface of life sciences and material sciences. 


Molecular Gynecology at the NMI

Medical Industry

Supported and in close scientific collaboration with Medical Industry our interdisciplinary team of scientists develops and biomedically evaluates new technologies for companies and public research sponsors.


Plasma Medicine and Medical Technology