Information about the outpatient stay

Login via terminal

Registration via terminal

Registration for patients of the Eye Clinic and the ENT Clinic takes place via a registration terminal, which you will find to the left of the main entrance.

Level 3

Please register as follows:

Patients in private consultations

Please contact directly the head office of the private consultation hour which was named to you when you made your appointment.

You will find the private consultation hours on

Level 3 and Level 5

Course of treatment

Course of treatment

Stay on site

Stay on site

We like to cater to the individual needs of each patient. This requires time and can lead to longer stays in the eye clinic. The timing of your examinations is tailored to you individually.

The order in which you are called for your examinations does not correspond to your arrival at the clinic.

Cafeteria of the eye clinic
The eye clinic has a cafeteria on level 3, which is easily accessible from the entrance area of the clinic.

Outpatient Surgery Center

The Outpatient Surgery Center is located in the Eye Clinic on

level 4

After leaving the elevator, please go through the glass door past the information desk of the macular/refractive consultation to the right. The corridor leads you directly to the information desk of the outpatient surgery. Please register here.

Inpatient appointments

Inpatient appointments

As a general patient, you can make inpatient appointments at the ZBM | Zentrales Belegungsmanagement. Appointments for private patients are not made via the ZBM but via the private consultation hours.

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