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Examination course in psychiatry and psychotherapy

Aim of the psychiatric examination course

The aim of the psychiatric examination course is for you to learn techniques for the psychiatric examination. After the course you should be able to take a detailed and structured psychiatric history. This will include biography, history of psychiatric illness and relationship to life events and illness onset.

Course structure

Our examination course is divided into two elements
:Some of the sessions take place in the lecture theatre of the Department of General Psychiatry. At other times, you will have small group instruction on the ward. You will be told in good time which ward you are assigned to.

At appointments in the library, patients will also be introduced if possible. You will also receive a theoretical and practical introduction to the technique of psychiatric examination. If you wish, you can also receive the slides used for this as a script.

On the ward, you will receive instruction in small groups and will be expected to interview and examine patients yourself. Within the framework of our examination course, you will therefore have personal contact with patients of our clinic. We therefore consider it a matter of course that you come to your internship well-rested, neat and motivated.

Personal appointments

Please refer to the information provided by the Dean of Studies Office or our notice board in the Psychiatric Clinic to find out when your personal appointments are.
We ask for your understanding that swapping between courses is only possible in particularly justified exceptional cases. Please note possible short-term changes in this schedule.

Frequently asked questions about the examination course

There is currently no examination in the psychiatric examination course. However, you will need individual contents from the psychiatric examination course for the examinations in psychiatry that will take place in the further course of your studies. This includes, for example, an examination following the seminar in psychiatry.

In principle, no. This is mainly due to the fact that we conduct small group teaching on the ward and therefore, for capacity reasons, cannot accept additional students on the days of practical training on the ward. The allocation to the courses is also not done by us, but by the Dean of Studies. Only in particularly justified exceptional cases can the practical course be moved in individual cases. Please discuss this in advance with the head of the internship (PD Dr. Eschweiler and Dr. Rapp).

Yes. To do this, report to the head of the practical course in the lecture hall immediately before the start of the course. As teaching on the wards takes place in very small groups, requests can only be taken into account within the bounds of possibility.

Unfortunately, no. This is mainly due to the fact that patients are presented in the course (including appointments in the lecture hall).

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