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Consultation hours for sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunctions can be caused by a physical illness, medication or emotional conflicts. In a detailed consultation we try to find out possible causes for the development of the sexual problems in order to discuss suitable therapeutic options with you afterwards.

Sometimes such a consultation is sufficient, if necessary we offer a referral to another specialist department for further diagnostics, medication change or discontinuation or even several conversations as well as sex-therapeutic couple or individual therapy if capacity is available.


Appointments, registration, secretary's office:

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Special consultation

Sexual dysfunction can occur as an accompanying symptom in a variety of complaints or as the main symptom in psychological or partnership conflicts. The special consultation hour offers you the opportunity to talk about sexual problems or ask questions in a protected setting. Our outpatient clinic is primarily aimed at people who have experienced sexual problems in the context of a mental illness, a life crisis or a therapy with psychotropic drugs.

We offer

  • Comprehensive diagnostics, also in cooperation with other departments of the hospital
  • Individual counselling for those affected or their relatives
  • Couple counselling
  • Sexual therapy according to the Hamburg model
  • General information on the subject of sexuality

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