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Mobile Smoking Outpatient Clinic

As a result of an illness or hospitalization, people are more sensitive to concerns about their own health. A hospital stay is therefore a good opportunity to start a life free from the blue smoke. Stopping smoking immediately can also significantly improve the course and prognosis of an illness. Wounds heal better, the risk of infection is reduced and medication works more efficiently.

A good opportunity ...

Are you increasingly thinking about quitting smoking during your stay in hospital? If so, your treatment team will be happy to call the Mobile Smoking Outpatient Clinic for you. Their staff will visit you and provide you with non-binding information about various treatment methods for giving up smoking. If you wish, participation in a smoking cessation course can be arranged after your stay at the clinic.

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A golden opportunity...

Smoke-free from the clinic

The smoking cessation working group is available for follow-up support by telephone. During the course of the project, employees of the clinic will also be trained on the topic of tobacco addiction and cessation, so that in the future there will be many contacts available for smoking patients and awareness of the topic will be increased throughout the clinic.

07071 29-82313

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