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Smoking cessation working group

The topic of smoking cessation concerns many. Perhaps you are an active smoker who would like to give up smoking, or perhaps a "passive co-smoker" who no longer wants to put up with the consequences of passive smoking? It doesn't seem to be quite that simple to quit smoking, because: " Whomtobacco has seized, he cannot live without it. "This was the verdict of King James I of England as early as 1619.

In connection with an attempt to give up cigarettes, many questions arise
  • Why do so many smokers find it so difficult to simply stop smoking?
  • What is the best way to give up smoking?
  • I feel so bad without a cigarette! Do my sleeping problems come from not smoking?
  • I feel addicted to cigarettes! Can medicinal support be helpful?

We would like to give you a brief overview of smoking, smoking cessation and the scientific work of the Smoking Cessation Working Group of the University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Tübingen. The interested person will also find contact addresses and literature tips.


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Self-help and counselling

Nicotine addiction: Why are we so attached to cigarettes?

A podcast of the Techniker-Kasse with Prof. Anil Batra

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Test for
Nicotine dependence

The Fagerström test for nicotine dependence provides a reliable assessment of the strength of your dependence.

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Active support

The 6-week smoking cessation program developed by Prof. Batra and associates includes 6 course sessions of 90 minutes each.

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Smoking - A Problem?

The knowledge of the danger to non-smokers and the self-endangerment of smokers have encouraged numerous developments in recent years.

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The scientific work of the AKR is dedicated to questions and problems related to smoking cessation.

Clinical studies

We regularly conduct scientific studies on tobacco addiction and cessation. Are you interested in participating in a study? We will be happy to keep you informed about opportunities to participate in studies. To do so, register your interest in participating in a study. You will then be contacted by us as soon as we have new studies to offer.

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Since when has the AKR existed?

The Working Group on Smoking Cessation (AKR) was founded in autumn 1991 as part of a research project on smoking cessation issues. Since then, the staff of the AKR - psychologists and physicians under the direction of Prof. Dr. Anil Batra - have been dealing with practical questions of smoking cessation and offer help and support in quitting tobacco both in consultations and in individual and group treatments.

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