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Smoking cessation consultation hour

Individual counselling for smoking cessation

The Working Group on Smoking Cessation offers both telephone and, where appropriate, face-to-face individual counselling.

Studies on tobacco cessation

The Arbeitskreis Raucherentwöhnung regularly conducts studies on tobacco cessation. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


Smoking cessation working group

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Smoking cessation course

Smoking cessation courses are offered on a regular basis in the smoking cessation study group.
The 6-week smoking cessation program was developed and evaluated by Prof. Batra and co-workers.

Course duration

6 course sessions of 90 minutes each

Three phases

  • The first two weeks of the course should be spent observing your previous smoking behaviour, looking at your motivation and preparing to stop smoking.
  • Between the second and third week of the course, a stop-smoking appointment is made. The next two course sessions serve to stabilise abstinence and facilitate its implementation. Important topics that may be relevant in connection with smoking cessation also have their place (e.g. the topic of nutrition/preventing weight gain).
  • The last two course sessions are devoted to relapse prevention and how to deal with relapses/relapse critical situations.

Course Fee

The course fee for the 6-week smoking cessation course is 160 Euros. (Most health insurances will reimburse the course fee on a pro-rata basis after submission of the certificate of attendance. In individual cases, you should clarify this with your insurance company in advance.) The course fee does not include any additional costs for accompanying medical support. As a rule, they amount to the monthly costs you incur as a result of smoking and are generally not covered by health insurance.

Smokers' Outpatient Clinic for patients at the University Hospital

As a result of an illness or hospitalization, people are more sensitive to concerns about their own health. A hospital stay is therefore a good opportunity to start a life free from the blue smoke.

Immediate cessation of smoking can also significantly improve the course and prognosis of a disease. Wounds heal better, the risk of infection is reduced and medication works more efficiently.

Are you increasingly thinking about quitting smoking during your stay in hospital? Then make an appointment at the addiction outpatient clinic or the smoking cessation working group. Their staff will visit you and provide non-binding information about various therapy methods for giving up tobacco. If desired, participation in a smoking cessation course can be arranged after your stay at the clinic.

The working group on smoking cessation is available for follow-up support by telephone. In the course of the project, employees of the clinic will also be trained on the topic of tobacco addiction and smoking cessation, so that in the future many contact persons will be available to the smoking patients and the sensitivity for the topic will be increased in the entire clinic. The offer can be requested by telephone from the attending clinic staff. The patient must have verbally consented to being referred to the Mobile Smoking Outpatient Clinic (data protection).

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Prof. Dr. Anil Batra

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