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Consumption Control

Would you like support in reducing your alcohol or tobacco consumption?

Our online program KonsumKontrolle informs, accompanies and supports you with information, exercises and - if you want - a smoking cessation program.

With KonsumKontrolle you will deal with your own consumption habits related to smoking and alcohol for six weeks. You will receive information and exercises on the topics of tobacco and alcohol over six weeks. In addition, you can keep a personal smoking and drinking diary to get a good overview of your consumption.

The additional smoking cessation programme supports you in your attempt to stop tobacco consumption. If you also want to reduce your alcohol consumption, you can activate our change program for yourself.

The program was developed within the framework of a study at the Addiction Research Section, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The effectiveness of a computer- and smartphone-based intervention (CS-I) for reducing alcohol and tobacco consumption was investigated.

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