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Silent addiction - the platform for getting out of drug addiction

Silent addiction

the platform for getting out of drug addiction

Silent Addiction informs, educates and provides valuable assistance to help people with harmful or addictive drug use to get out of problematic use.

The online platform "Silent Addiction" is aimed at those affected and their relatives. In addition to a self-test, the freely accessible area of the service offers a wealth of information on the topic of drug addiction. In addition, Silent Addiction helps in the search for professional help on site.

Silent Addiction is an initiative of Tübingen University Hospital and is financed by state funds approved by the Baden-Württemberg state parliament.

Offer for affected persons

The password-protected registration area also offers those affected the opportunity to analyze and rethink their own consumption behavior by means of a consumption diary and various exercises.

Offer for professional helpers

For professional helpers, a separate area is available with a web-based training offer with six modules on the topics of diagnosis and recognition of medication-related disorders, motivational interviewing, benzodiazepines and Z-substances, analgesics, amphetamines, and cannabionides.

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