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Psychotherapy (behavioural therapy) module in the specialist course for psychiatry and psychotherapy

Curriculum Behavioural Therapy

According to the guidelines of the state medical associations, theoretical and practical modules are required for further training as a doctor of psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as for the additional title of psychotherapy. Many training hospitals, university institutions as well as psychiatric state hospitals are confronted with the difficulty of offering these required further training courses to their own assistants undergoing further training.

Since 1995, the University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy has been offering a three-year curriculum which, following the successful and proven model of the further training courses of the State Medical Association of Westphalia-Lippe on Borkum, enables structured and practice-oriented further training in the field of behavioural psychotherapy. The University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy offers the modules described here for the acquisition of the specialist qualification in psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as for the additional qualification in psychotherapy. The further training offers include theory courses, relaxation procedures, self-awareness and case supervision and thus cover important contents according to the requirements of the guidelines of the State Medical Association of Baden-Württemberg.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Prof. Dr. A. Batra and Dr. C. Dedner


Dr. Gisela Herterich

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Prof. Dr. Anil Batra


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Dr. Christopher Dedner


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Further information

CoursePer block/unitTotal cost
Theory seminars

Per theory block: 690€
Additional costs for board and lodging

Total costs for 3 seminars: 2070€

Self-experience in the group

Per self-awareness unit: 20€ 140 units

Total costs: 2800€

Case supervision in the group

The cost depends on the type of supervision and the needs of the trainee.

The University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Tübingen offers block seminars under the umbrella of the WISSENS-TRANSFER of the University of Tübingen for the acquisition of the theoretical basic knowledge of behavioural psychotherapy. Three block courses of 50 hours each are offered, which - thematically building on each other - are offered at intervals of one year. The courses are held at three different locations each year, so that all parts of the course are offered either in Hornberg (Black Forest), Bamberg or Borkum. Structure and contents are the same at all course locations.

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Content of the block courses
The aim of the courses is to teach the basics, methods and areas of application of behaviour therapy, in accordance with the guidelines of the Baden-Württemberg State Medical Association. The detailed programme of the individual weekly courses can be found in our information brochure, which we will also be happy to send you. In addition to teaching the theoretical principles of behaviour therapy through lectures, the focus is on practical application in seminars and small group work. The courses are suitable both for obtaining the specialist qualifications in psychiatry and psychotherapy for adults and children and adolescents, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, and for the additional training in psychotherapy.

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Course I - Fundamentals of Behaviour Therapy

30. April to 06. May 2023

Course II - Methods and Applications I

14. to 19. May 2023 

Course III - Methods and Applications II

01. to 06. October 2023 

Course 2024

27. April until 05. May 2024




29 September to 05 October 2024

Course 2025





28 September to 04 October 2025

Course 2026





04. to 10. October 2026


The University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Tübingen and WISSENSTRANSFER of the University of Tübingen arrange supervision groups and individual supervision appointments.

25 supervision appointments with five supervision units of 45 min each in a group of max. five participants.

Group supervision courses are offered in Tübingen and partly in Münster. Participants of the theory seminars can register for group supervision in course II. You can also register for group supervision without attending the theory courses. Information about the next start of the course can be obtained by e-mail from Prof. Batra.


The certificate of successful participation requires successful and completed treatments in addition to continuous attendance. The total number of hours must not be less than 240 and the treatment cases must be treated until successful completion. Withdrawal is not possible after the start of the event, costs for missed supervision hours must be paid without deduction. Missed supervision units can be made up by an additional appointment.

  • Hornberg in the Black Forest
    The course takes place annually in autumn at the Schlosshotel in Hornberg in the Black Forest. In the middle of the climatically favourably situated Gutachtal, a side valley of the Kinzig, surrounded by forests, mountains and meadows, lies the state-recognised resort Hornberg (known from the "Hornberger Schießen") with the districts Niederwasser and Reichenbach. The Hotel Schloß Hornberg is situated high above the village. There are numerous rooms available. Participants can also look for other hotels themselves.
    HornbergHotel Hornberg Castle
  • Tübingen
    Self-experience and supervision are offered in Tübingen.
  • Bamberg
    The courses at the in Bamberg take place annually in spring, at the Welcome Hotel Bamberg. Bamberg is a city with an original character and a very special atmosphere. 1000 years of history united in an urbanistic-historical synthesis of the arts of European rank. It is not without reason that UNESCO has awarded the entire old town of Bamberg the title of "World Heritage Site".
    BambergWelcome Hotel Residenzschloss Bamberg
  • Borkum
    The organisation of the courses on Borkum is carried out by the Medical Association of Westphalia-Lippe.
    Medical Association Westphalia-LippeBorkum

Self-experience courses are arranged in Tübingen via the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Tübingen and WISSENSTRANSFER of the University of Tübingen, in accordance with the guidelines of the continuing education regulations.

The self-experience groups comprise 150 units, which are offered in blocks of 10 units of 45 minutes each on a weekend day at intervals of about four weeks.

Registration and start of the curricula
Self-experience courses usually begin a few months after the first block course. For participants of the theory seminars, registration is possible during the first course. You can also register for self-awareness without attending the theory courses. For information about the next course start, please contact Prof. Batra.


The recognition of successfully completed self-awareness requires continuous participation. Withdrawal is not possible after the beginning of the course. Costs for missed self-awareness sessions must be paid without deduction. Missed self-awareness sessions can be made up by attending an additional session.

Within the framework of the first and third week of further training, one course each in Progressive Muscle Relaxation according to Jacobson is offered, so that the courses required in the further training regulations can be completed by attending these course weeks.


Some modules are not offered by the University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Tübingen and WISSENSTRANSFER of the University of Tübingen and must be acquired externally. For details, please refer to the relevant further training regulations. The guidelines according to the further training regulations of the State Medical Association of Baden-Württemberg 2006 (as of 2011) can be found here

Further training regulations

Certificates and Associations

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