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Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic internship in the training to become a psychological psychotherapist

Integration of patient care, teaching and research creates optimal conditions

In the University Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the entire spectrum of mental illnesses is treated at the level of maximum care. The integration of patient care, teaching and research creates optimal conditions for the objective of the internships of the training to become a psychological psychotherapist.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Klingberg

Contact person for all questions concerning the trainees

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"Practical activity" according to the Training and Examination Ordinance

According to the Training and Examination Ordinance for Psychological Psychotherapists (PsychTh-APrV) of 18 December 1998, practical work "serves to acquire practical experience in the treatment of disorders with disease value within the meaning of § 1 para. 3 sentence 1 of the Psychotherapists Act as well as knowledge of other disorders for which psychotherapy is not indicated" "During the practical activity in the psychiatric clinical institution, the trainee is to be involved in the diagnosis and treatment of at least 30 patients over a longer period of time in each case. For at least four of these patients, the patient's family or other social partners must be involved in the treatment concept. In doing so, the training participant shall acquire knowledge and experience of the acute, abating and chronic symptomatology of various psychiatric disorders and document the patient treatments on a case-by-case basis, stating their scope and duration."

Psychiatric internship
  • In our clinic, colleagues in the psychiatric year participate in the diagnosis and treatment of the clinic's patients under the guidance of specialists and supervisors. This includes conducting admission interviews, participating in treatment planning together with the senior physician and medical colleagues, presenting patients in the various meetings and case conferences, carrying out treatment as far as is reasonable and possible on the basis of the level of knowledge, carrying out psychological diagnostics, keeping documentation, preparing discharge reports.
  • As a rule, there is a change of location after 6 months in order to enable a broad spectrum of experience.
  • The duration of the psychiatric internship is one year. During this time, 1200 hours must be completed.
Psychotherapeutic internship
  • The psychotherapeutic internship is carried out in an area with a psychotherapeutic focus programme.
  • Here, too, the trainees are involved in the treatment of patients.
  • The psychotherapeutic internship lasts 6 months and 600 hours.

Since our clinic as an acute clinic depends on a high presence of the treating physicians and psychologists, 50%-activities are not possible.


An internship salary can be paid for the internship - under consideration of labor law requirements. Please ask for more details during the interview.

Certification and credit

Participation in courses can be certified and credited for theory hours not offered by the training institute (so-called "free peak"). Likewise, training cases can be taken over and outpatient treatments can be carried out under supervision via the university outpatient clinic. It should be noted that these hours cannot fall under the 1200 or 600 internship hours of the psychiatric or psychotherapeutic internship, but count towards the area of practical training.

Certificates and Associations