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Day clinic for patients with addictive disorders

The day clinic for the treatment of patients with dependency illnesses sees itself as a supplement to the existing inpatient and outpatient offers for the treatment of people with substance abuse / dependency in our clinic.

This applies to alcohol, medication and drug problems as well as to patients who, in addition to addiction, suffer from another psychiatric illness such as depression or anxiety disorders.


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Advantages of day-care treatment

The advantage of day-clinic treatment is that you remain in your familiar surroundings (overnight stay at home) without having to forego the advantages of inpatient treatment (e.g. better possibilities for diagnostic clarification; more intensive examination of the prevailing problem). In addition, for patients with minor signs of physical dependence, there is the offer of qualified outpatient detoxification under certain conditions.

  • Existing alcohol / medication or drug addiction
  • No or only slightly pronounced withdrawal symptoms so far
  • Wish for day clinic treatment
  • Referral by family doctor or addiction counselling centre
  • Permanent residence
  • Travel time to the clinic max. 30 minutes
  • Arrival possible without own motor vehicle
  • Job available or there is a prospect of professional reintegration
  • Reference person or life partner available
  • Sufficient motivation for treatment / abstinence
  • Severe withdrawal symptoms that require drug treatment.
  • Repeated inpatient detoxification in the past history (if necessary, a previous full inpatient treatment is necessary. However, continuation of treatment in the day clinic is possible).
  • Complications such as seizure or delirium during previous detoxifications
  • Drug or medication abuse or dependence that initially requires inpatient treatment
  • Severe concomitant somatic or psychiatric illnesses
  • Serious laboratory changes
  • Abnormal ECG
  • Pregnancy

Outpatient preliminary consultation required

As treatment in the day clinic is not suitable for all patients, a preliminary outpatient consultation is necessary beforehand. This is where the necessary diagnostic measures are initiated. We will also be happy to inform you about the outpatient and inpatient services available both inside and outside our clinic.

Therapy Offer

The therapy offer consists of:

  • If necessary, an approx. one-week detoxification phase
  • psychotherapeutic treatment to build up sufficient motivation to continue abstinence
  • Planning of the continuation of the treatment beyond the time in our day clinic
  • Involvement of your relatives or important caregivers
  • If necessary, additional medication and psychotherapeutic treatment in the case of a further psychiatric illness (e.g. depression or adjustment reactions).

Duration of treatment

Treatment begins daily on weekdays. The treatment is also continued at the weekend by various therapeutic offers in the clinic.

Monday - Friday
08.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

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