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72076 Tübingen

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Inpatient treatment

There are ten wards and two day clinics in our clinic. All wards have a specific focus and offer you specialised treatments. If you are being treated as an inpatient at our clinic, please first report to the clinic gate on the agreed admission date.


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Inpatient admission

If you are to be treated as an inpatient at our clinic, please first report to the clinic gate at Calwerstraße 14 on the agreed admission date. The formalities will be taken care of in the administration office (room U 89). From here we will accompany you to the ward, where you will be welcomed by the nursing team. The ward staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Please bring the following with you to the registration

  • referral slip from your doctor - health insurance card
  • Any preliminary examination results or further information for the ward physician
  • Medications that you have been taking regularly

What you need for your inpatient stay

  • Washing and body care utensils
  • Nightwear and slippers - Everyday clothing
  • Casual and sports clothing as well as sneakers for occupational, physical and exercise therapy
  • You should leave valuables and large sums of money at home, as the clinic accepts no liability in the event of loss. If you wish, the ward staff can keep smaller amounts of money or you can deposit your money at the cash desk of the clinic administration.
  • The consumption of alcohol is not permitted.
  • You are not allowed to take any medication that has not been prescribed by the ward doctor.
  • Non-smoking area! The entire clinic is a non-smoking zone! Smoking is therefore only permitted in the specially marked areas.

Please inform yourself at the station about the parking possibilities for your car. There is a parking facility in the multi-storey car park for which a charge is made. For insurance reasons, we advise you not to drive a car during your stay in hospital.

More about the multi-storey car park

Everyday life on the ward

Here you will find interesting facts about everyday life on the ward: from ward rules to visiting times to the postal address.

Your room
The nurses on the ward will show you to your room. Here you will find several lockable cupboards, a desk and a bed. The one- to two-bed rooms are equipped with a private bathroom.

Common room
Meals are taken together in the day room. Many group activities take place there and you can use the free time between the therapies here: Watch TV, listen to music, read or talk to others.

Eating in community
The central kitchen of the University Hospital offers you varied and delicious meals with several choices every day. You will receive the current menu every week, in which you can freely choose from the offers. We will be happy to help you with this.

In the morning, you can choose a standard breakfast or put together your own breakfast. In this case, you order all the components you want separately: the drink, the type of bread, the toppings, etc. For lunch, you can choose a full meal, a light full meal, a vegetarian meal or a pork-free meal. For dinner you can also choose between normal, light and vegetarian food. You can choose the type of tea according to your taste.

In order to support the feeling of togetherness in the group and to structure the day, meals are taken together at fixed times in the ward's common room. The exact meal times can be found on the ward notice board.

Tea kitchen
In the kitchenette of the ward you can help yourself to coffee, tea and mineral water. You can also prepare small meals yourself or bake a cake. Cooking and baking are part of the therapy programme.

Clinic kiosk and Café Hölderlin
In Café Hölderlin on the upper floor of the entrance foyer you can buy freshly baked goods, drinks, sweets or magazines. The bar tables invite you to have a "Schwätzle" with coffee and butter pretzels. A small, changing lunch menu is offered daily. Outside opening hours you can buy chilled drinks, coffee and sweets from the vending machine.

Monday to Friday07
.30 - 17.00 hrs

Other cafés and cafeterias at the hospital

You will be prescribed a diet by your doctor. Please inform us of any diets you have already followed or any food intolerances at the time of your admission interview.

Living together in a confined space requires mutual consideration. Our ward regulations will help you to find your way around the unfamiliar surroundings. They define, for example, the rules for going out, the times of the doctor's rounds, the therapy programme and meals.

You can have visitors every day, as far as your therapy schedule allows.

09.00 - 20.00 h

Exit regulation
When leaving the ward, please adhere to the arrangements made with you. Please sign out with the nursing staff and sign back in when you return.

Leave of absence
The reference therapist will discuss a weekend leave of absence that makes sense from a therapeutic point of view with you in good time.


You can drop mail in a specially marked box at the gate, which is emptied several times a day.
Your current address is:

University Hospital for Psychiatry and PsychotherapyCalwerstr.
1472076 Tübingen.

Please do not forget to state your ward.


On the ward there is a telephone box with a coin-operated telephone on which you can also make calls.

Care on the ward

In addition to the ward doctor or qualified psychologist, you will be cared for by a nurse (reference nursing). Throughout the house, milieu therapy helps you to improve your well-being and to achieve goals such as group feeling, targeted activation and daily structure.

Ward rounds
On all wards there is a weekly ward round by the senior physician and additional ward rounds by the ward physicians.

Doctor's talk
Several times a week, the doctor's consultation offers the opportunity to work through problems psychotherapeutically. Depth psychological and/or cognitive-behavioural therapy methods are used.

We offer you a comprehensive range of treatments: you will receive psychotherapeutic treatment on all wards. The combination with suitable medication helps you to cope with your illness more quickly. The offers from movement and occupational therapy are sensibly integrated into your overall treatment plan. If desired, relatives can be included in the therapy. At any time, including weekends, the nursing staff is available to you for further discussions and support.

Home again

Your discharge from the clinic will be prepared together with you. This includes stress tests and weekend leave. It will also be clarified who will continue your outpatient treatment. Please make an appointment with the psychiatrist and psychotherapist who will continue your treatment. On the last day of your stay you can discuss any unresolved issues with your doctor. You will receive a short letter for your further treatment with your doctor, who will prescribe medication for you in the future.

After discharge
Your doctors and therapists who will continue your treatment will receive a detailed discharge report - provided you have given your consent - so that they can be informed. It can be viewed by you. We wish you all the best!

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