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Inpatient equivalent treatment for addiction disorders (StäB-A)

The Addiction Medicine and Addiction Research Section of the University Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy treats people with an alcohol, medication or drug problem, gambling, computer game or Internet addiction.

Ward-equivalent treatment (Stäb-A) offers people with addiction problems requiring treatment, who cannot take up the offer of inpatient treatment, the option of comprehensive treatment in a home environment (with all the features of inpatient treatment, medical, psychotherapeutic, nursing, ergo and physiotherapeutic support).The aim is to achieve a qualified detoxification and to provide the necessary support for the addicted person. The goal is a qualified detoxification and initiation of a measure to stabilize abstinence.

Treatment can begin following physical detoxification or, in the case that no physical danger is expected as a result of withdrawal, after an outpatient contact. Diagnostics and therapy correspond to the offer of full inpatient care.


Registration and information

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Monday to Wednesday:
9 am - 4 pm
Thursday: 10 am - 4 pm
Friday: 10 am - 1 pm

Office Addiction Outpatient Clinic

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E-mail address: staeb-A@med.uni-tuebingen.de

Information flyer (PDF)

Advantages and limitations
of inpatient-equivalent treatment for addiction disorders

People whose mobility is restricted or who cannot come to a clinic for family reasons (care of children or the elderly), or people whose abstinence is significantly endangered by their home living conditions, can benefit from the offer of "on-site" treatment.

Excluded are persons who would be life-threatening in the home environment due to withdrawal or who cannot be accompanied due to severe courses of their addiction disease.


Multimodal treatment is offered in the home environment with the goal of achieving abstinence and taking measures that enable the long-term goal of stable abstinence. Special consideration is given to concomitant mental illnesses (depression, anxiety disorder or psychoses).

Procedure and contents


  • Monday till Friday8 am to 7 pm: at least two contacts by our treatment team. Additional medical and psychosocial appointments can also take place accompanied by our therapists.
  • Weekend and holidayshome visit once a day.
  • By phoneOur treatment team can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Outside these hours, in case of emergencies and urgent medical concerns, the doctor from the service of the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy is responsible.
Contents of the StäB-A

  • Detailed diagnostics
  • Abstinence control and daily structuring
  • Qualified motivational treatment
  • If necessary, substitution with all current, approved substitution substances
  • Medical and psychotherapeutic support
  • Psychiatric clarification and co-treatment, if necessary
  • Psychosocial counseling
  • Occupational therapy and physiotherapy
  • Talks with relatives
  • Referral to rehabilitation treatment

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