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Welcome to the University Hospital Tübingen!
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Nursing care with know-how and compassion

We look after you ...
We look after youplatzhalterwith a friendly smile from the heart
... with a friendly smile from the heart
When you are admitted to hospital you may find many things unfamiliar and strange. You are not feeling well because you are ill. You are furthermore confronted with an unfamiliar situation and many new faces. A friendly smile from us throughout the duration of your stay is therefore even more important.


For the University Hospital Tübingen's nursing staff, the patients entrusted to their care are the main focus of their work. They take care of their patients and attend to their needs in a responsible and dependable manner. They assist the patients in everyday matters and are competent contact persons for both patients and their relatives. Our patients will always have a familiar face by their side in the person of a member of our nursing staff - someone who will stand by them and support them during their stay in hospital in a friendly and professionally competent manner.

We rely on successful teamwork ...
... and smooth cooperation
Of paramount importance to us are the whole nursing spectrum, the smooth co-operation with the various professional disciplines and a carefully planned transfer of care for our patients when they are discharged from hospital. Our nursing staff work in early, late and night shifts. This entails a change of nursing staff every day. In some wards the change of nursing staff takes place at the patients' bedside. In this way the patients feel a personal involvement and it helps them to overcome any fears that something may have been forgotten.


It also allows them to take an active part in any discussions concerning their treatment, and furthermore gives the new duty staff the opportunity of introducing themselves to their patients.

Our nursing service is seen as being a service provider and part of the overall system of the University Hospital Tübingen. It is a contributory factor in the fulfilment of the three social responsibilities practiced by the University Hospital:

  • To take care of sick persons from the local area and from further afield.
  • Research as a contribution to the health-care of tomorrow.
  • Teaching and training as a contribution to maintaining professional competence in health-care.

The common values shared by all our staff are to show compassion and sympathy to our patients, to demonstrate commitment and to maintain the very highest standard of professional competence.

We are there at your side
Our guiding principle
Our nursing staff see the process of a patient's treatment at the University Hospital Tübingen as being a part of this person's individual life. The nursing care involves prophylactic care and the preservation and improvement of the patient's health. This also includes dealing with the effects of an illness or disablement, and providing succour for the sick or dying. To this end our nursing care presupposes an image of mankind based on the assumptions of personal responsibility and self-determination.


Included in this philosophy is the recognition that each individual person will need varying types of support from other people during the various stages of his or her life cycle.

Organisation of the nursing services at the University Hospital

More than 2000 full and part-time nursing staff work in a wide variety of wards and departments of our 17 Hospitals which have approximately 1500 beds for patients. The Director of Nursing, Jana Luntz, is in charge of nursing services and he is also a member of the University Hospital's Executive Board of Directors. The individual Hospitals are run by the Medical Directors. The nursing services in the Hospitals are organised by the dedicated managerial staff of both the nursing services and hospital wards in close co-operation with each other.

Funded education and vocational training
Investment for the future
The University Hospital schools and educational institutions train approximately 550 students for the specialist non-medical professions in the field of health-care. These include the qualification for the following professions: nurse / health-care nurse, children's nurse / children's health-care nurse, medical technician, speech therapist, surgical technician, anaesthesia technician and midwife.
Our schools *Website in German language!


Specialised and character-building training and further education ensure our high standards and form the basis for professionally competent, dedicated and dependable nursing care. Regular in-house and external training courses impart the latest know-how and the newest methods. A number of hospitals in the area take advantage of the University Hospital's offers of vocational training and further education for their staff and actively co-operate with us.
Vocational training and further education


Pupils and students from other vocational training institutions and technical colleges are also offered study places for practical training and professional guidance by the University Hospital.
We also offer practical nursing training for students of medicine and trainees in the ambulance and rescue services.

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