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Communications and Media Relations
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Welcome to our help page!

Our home page - a portal for each target group

The University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine provide information in six portals to meet the requirements of all target groups. The portals are portrayed in the colour which corresponds with their subject matter. The colours are based on the three primary colours of the University Hospital's logo.




Patients (yellow)
The portal for patients and visitors to the University Hospitals.
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Referral Guide (yellow)
The portal for doctors and organisations referring patients.
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Students (red)
The portal for students of medicine in Tübingen and prospective students.
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Research (blue)
The portal for scientists and partners from Industry and Technology.
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Press/Current information (grey)
The portal for journalists and media representatives. General information on the University Hospital and the Faculty can also be found in this portal.
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Staff (grey)
Job vacancies and offers for vocational training and further education are incorporated in this portal. The Intranet pages for the staff of the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine are only available in the German version.
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Cross-portal information

Here you will also find additional cross-portal information such as the event calendar (Current information), all important information on our Organisation and the history of the University Hospital, a link list of all our Institutions from A-Z, job vacancies and information for international patients.


Contact - Search - Login: The meta navigation bar

You will find three additional menu items on the top right of the home page. This meta navigation bar also appears on each following page and permits the following functions:


Menu itemsFunctionLink
Contact With our contact form, your e-mail enquiries will always reach the correct contact person. The topic of your enquiry can be selected in the reference field. The topics listed in this reference field have been arranged to correspond to the respective target group of the portal from which you are calling up the contact function. With the portal selection bar it is also possible to select between the individual portals on the contact page. Please complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*). Link
Search With our search function it is possible to search the entire website or a single portal by means of keywords. Link
Login/logout This function is for our Intranet users. With the password assigned by the ZIT, you can access our Intranet pages after the requisite authentication. Link
UKT home page By clicking on the heading "home" which can be found on the top of each page, you will be returned directly to the home page. Link
Content overview Our sitemap shows the complex structure of our entire website. Link


Step by step backtracking: The path navigation


The path navigation is located above the border at the beginning of each page. This path navigation permits you to follow your path step-by-step through our website. Each step of this path is connected with a link to the respective page. Hence it is easy for you to be able to return to the pages previously viewed.


Information on four levels: The main navigation bar
The main navigation bar is located on the left-hand side of the pages. It is subdivided into four levels. The shaded colours of these levels are taken from the colour of the respective portals. The selected topics also appear as a blue text and are marked with an arrow. Major institutions have their own path navigation. You can return to the portal navigation at any time via the path navigation.


The direct path to your destination: The quick access box (Schnelleinstieg)


The "quick access box" allows you to change to another portal on every page. Under "Institutions" you can select from a drop-down list the Hospital, or the University Hospital Institute or Centre which you would like to access. The search function allows you to search the entire website by means of a keyword.


Barrier-free layout

Regulations for the creation of barrier-free information technology in accordance with the statues of the Law for the equality of handicapped persons dated 17.07.2002, stipulate that the Internet websites of Public Service Institutions must be designed to be barrier-free. The layout of the main pages of the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine was designed by the Agentur 21TORR in accordance with these regulations.


Information on photographs and illustrations can be found in the alt text. With the keyboard shortcut Strg+ you can make the fonts larger in stages. With Strg- you can make the fonts smaller again. The layout is optimised for a screen resolution of 1024 x 786 pixels and the Mozilla Firefox browser


International access


We have translated our main pages into English for patients, doctors, scientists, visitors and interested persons from abroad. The languages can be selected via the language selection bar. 







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