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Communications and Media Relations
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BCI-live : Brain-Computer Interface systems


Assistive systems to enhance physical function

This research is focused on an innovative technology, which supports and, in some cases, improves the communicative ability and participation of individuals with severe disabilities. A solid, non-invasive, and wireless Brain-Computer Interface system (BCI) will be developed. This system is intended for persons after strokeparaplegia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or brain injury.


Human-Technology Cooperation

funded by:

BMBF englisch 90x90

Our innovative BCI system decodes deliberate changes of brain electric activity into signals to control various devices for daily use, and therefore improves independence for people who are reliant on permanent assistance. This requires a fine-tuning of the system based on the individual neurophysiological particularities of the disease. Based on this proposed cooperation between research, science and business organisations, the BCI System is going to be developed and tested for daily use as well as for clinical functioning.



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